Baltimore DJ must face the music to address DUI charge

Heavy fines, loss of license, jail time and increased insurance rates…yikes! These are the potential consequences that one Baltimore DJ could be facing in the wake of his drunk driving charges after an incident that occurred a few weeks ago.

Police reports indicate that the 98 Rock DJ collided with a car that was stopped at a light. The collision caused the impacted car to hit an additional car. In total, five people sustained minor injuries in this three-car collision. This pile up resulted in the DJ receiving multiple charges related to driving under the influence.

All of this occurred in the recent wake of the 98 Rock DJ being convicted in Baltimore County and receiving probation as a result of a separate negligent driving charge stemming from another driving while impaired charge.

It sounds as though the DJ has a tough but by no means impossible fight ahead of him. Due to the accident that occurred, a judge would more than likely conclude that police did have cause to investigate. However, in some Maryland DUI cases, an experience attorney can prove that an officer did not have probable cause to pull over a person suspected of drunk driving.

Additionally, some DUI charges can be overcome if a breath test was not properly administered. The defense that the DJ will seek, if any, remains to be seen. Reports are also inconclusive as to whether the DJ will return to the air.

When such heavy consequences are possible on the horizon with drunk driving charges, many Maryland residents would benefit from seeking experienced legal counsel in pursuit of the best possible outcome when faced with a similar situations.

Source: The Republic, “Baltimore DJ charged with DUI after crash that hurt 5; jock has history of traffic arrests,” The Associated Press, July 25, 2012

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