Baltimore cop charged with assault for emotional episode

Not long ago, Baltimore police investigated the disappearance of an out-of-state teen who disappeared while in the city. During this process, one officer was allegedly part of an emotional incident involving his daughter that ultimately led to assault and burglary charges.

According to reports, the police were looking to interview the the officer’s daughter. When the officer in question arrived at woman’s house looking for his daughter, the story becomes a bit more complicated. The woman said his daughter was not at her residence, but the cop shoved the door open and pushed two people to the ground in order to investigate for himself.

Shortly after the incident occurred, police officials asked the officer what happened during his investigation. The officer said that no one was present at the residence, so he simply moved on. As a result of thiss testimony, the man is being charged for providing false statements to police, in additional to the violent crime charges.

If media reports of the incident are accurate, it’s not hard to understand what could have led to those events. Because the investigation involved the officer’s daughter, he was likely very emotional, which can cause otherwise level-headed people to do things completely out of character. As a police officer, it’s reasonable to believe the Baltimore man understood the law, but he simply made a mistake in the heat of the moment.

In cases like this, it’s important to get all the details before jumping to any conclusions. Witnesses may provide conflicting accounts, so independent investigations could be necessary. The hope is that this complicated case will be resolved and an understanding will be reached.

Source: CBS Baltimore, “Baltimore City Police Detective Charged With Assault, Burglary,” April 29, 2013

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