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Baltimore buses better behave better

There are perhaps two points of view on automatic traffic tickets from Baltimore video cameras. One point of view is that it cracks down on scofflaws and keeps our city streets a bit safer. The other point of view is that it is a fund-raising vehicle for cities and counties designed solely for money-making purposes. Whatever your point of view, most people can probably agree that there is one type of driver that none of us want to see breaking traffic laws — school buses.

It appears that school buses have been doing exactly that. A recent report details the types and amounts of traffic violations that have been charged against Baltimore public bus drivers.

According to the reports, there were more than 800 traffic violations during the past two years. The tally for buses includes:

  • 19 citations in Baltimore County for red light violations
  • 80 citations in the county for speeding
  • 37 citations in the county for speeding within a school zone
  • 18 camera citations in Baltimore City for red light violations
  • 56 citations in the city for speeding

The privately-owned buses received 800 automated speeding citations in the city. One bus was clocked at 74 miles per hour, although the actual speed limit was not reported.

One bus company spokesperson contended that given the enormous amount of miles traveled, 800 tickets during a two year time frame may not be unacceptable.

Depending upon one’s job, more than one traffic violation could put someone’s job at risk. Traffic violations can also increase one’s insurance rates. It may be a good idea to retain an experienced legal professional to fight any serious traffic violations.

Source: ABC News, “Baltimore Area Bus Drivers Cited for Over 800 Dangerous Traffic Violations,” Kevin Dolak, Oct. 25, 2012

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