Baltimore-Born R&B Singer Free from Mother’s Assault Charge

It has been a while since the R&B singer Mario has had his name in the papers regarding his musical career. Unfortunately, his name has been in the limelight recently due to a legal battle involving his mother. Yesterday, however, brought the pop star good news: his mother dropped the charges she filed against him last month.

Maryland police arrested Mario last month when they responded to a domestic violence call. Our resource does not say who called police about the alleged domestic dispute, but police got a call and arrived at the apartment of Mario’s mother to find a very upset woman. She told police that Mario struck her and that she was in fear for her life. The apartment was also a mess, filled with damaged property.

After being arrested and charged with second-degree assault, Mario got out of jail on bond. He never admitted to any wrongdoing, and now the public knows that is because he never hit his mother. She confessed this week that she was not telling the truth about the alleged assault incident, and she asked a Baltimore court to forgive the charges against her son. The court agreed.

Why did the plaintiff lie in this case? Sources’ reports about the situation confirm a history that Mario has with his mother and in his daily work. Mario’s mother reportedly is addicted to drugs and continues to struggle with her substance dependencies. When she accused her son of assault, she now admits that she was on drugs. Fortunately for Mario, she has recognized her problem and the fact that she lied and has set things straight with the court.

While many wrongly accused people would decide to live in anger and hold a grudge, Mario loves his mother and states that he will continue to support her as she fights her addictions. According to sources, Mario has also been involved with helping kids who come from similar home situations as him.


The Baltimore Sun: “Assault charges dropped against R&B singer Mario,” Erik Maza, 3 Nov. 2010

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