Are there any positives to divorce?

It’s difficult to even attempt to think about what life will be like on the other side when you’re in the middle of a divorce. It’s normal to want some reassurance that everything is going to work out and one day life will be calm again.

Whether or not someone is happier with their life situation after a divorce depends greatly on the quality of the marriage, who asked for the divorce, the reason for the divorce and how much conflict there is during the divorce. However, according to a survey of 2,000 divorced adults in the United States, most people do not regret the decision to divorce.

Women are more likely to report being happier and more satisfied with their lives after a divorce than men. Seventy-five percent of women still believed that the divorce was the right decision and did not regret it, compared to 61 percent of men who felt the same way.

One reason that women are happier post-divorce is that they are, on average, more accepting of an independent lifestyle. Men, on the other hand, are often used to their spouses having done a good deal of the housework and meal preparations and may have a harder time adjusting to single life.

Another possible reason is that women are allowed and even encouraged to experience and express the full range of emotions during and after a divorce, while men are less likely to take the time needed to grieve the loss of the relationship and reflect on what worked and what didn’t.

No matter your gender or circumstances, however, the less conflict in your divorce, the easier it will be to get through the courts and move on with your new life. If you’re not sure how to make this happen, talking with a family law attorney can help.

Source: Salon, “Women divorce better than men: They’re happier, more confident and less likely to self-destruct,” Kali Holloway, July 01, 2016

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