Anne Arundel towing company owner faces theft charges

The owner of Schaefer’s Towing has recently been arrested under allegations of theft. Anne Arundel police suspect that the man stole items that were in some of the vehicles he was responsible for towing. The man faces theft charges as well as other charges resulting from the allegations.

According to the report, Anne Arundel police began their investigation after a citizen called to complain about allegedly missing items from his or her vehicle after the vehicle was towed. The citizen claimed to have used Schaefer’s Towing and suspected that the owner may be responsible. The company tows vehicles for various reasons and stores them on the company’s private property.

During the investigation, the police were able to obtain multiple search warrants for different vehicles. The officers claim to have discovered and seized several stolen items of unknown monetary value. The owner was subsequently arrested and charged with theft, among other charges.

The towing company was authorized by the Anne Arundel County Police Department, and now the department is supposedly attempting to terminate the contract due to the man’s theft charges. Not only could the man’s business be negatively affected by the results of the outcome of the investigation and the criminal trial, but also just the fact that he has been accused of a crime is already a concern for his business. Often, more than just a person’s criminal record is at stake when an individual is accused of a crime; that is why all accused persons have the right to formulate their own criminal defense in a way that seems best for them and their specific circumstances.

Source:, Owner Of Tow Company Hired By Police Arrested For Theft From Towed Vehicles, John Frenaye, Dec. 30, 2013

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