A father’s rights lawyer helps skier agree on child custody

A child custody lawyer in Maryland is familiar with many kinds of cases involving parents in disputes over their children. With the assistance of a Howard County child custody lawyer, people can resolve a disagreement in many different ways regardless of whether the case is contentious or agreeable.

In a case that has brought father’s rights to the forefront, Olympic skier Bode Miller had been embroiled in a custody dispute with his ex-girlfriend over who should have primary custody of their son. The mother, a former Marine with whom Miller had a brief relationship, was found to have taken the child across the country to attend college. That decision left Miller without easy access to the his son. With help from his father’s rights lawyer, Miller received temporary custody.

Miller is now married to another woman and he and his ex-girlfriend have come to a temporary agreement on custody of their child. In this agreement, the couple have decided to share custody of their son for the next four months as Miller prepares for the upcoming Winter Olympics. They will continue with the shared custody until their next court date on March 31. It is hoped that a permanent agreement that both sides will be satisfied with at some point can be reached.

There are many issues that a child custody lawyer in Maryland will face when trying to navigate a dispute. Maryland child custody laws are meant to deal with the custody decision, visitation rights, alterations to existing custody agreements, parental relocations, paternity and other aspects of a case. Sometimes these circumstances can be negotiated amicably with little disruption to the parents’ routine and their lives with the child. Other times, the sides cannot come to an agreement and court is necessary to legally handle the situation.

As in the case of Miller and the mother of his child, even child custody disagreements can be settled with the best interests of the child in mind. As of now, both are satisfied with the decision. Individuals involved in a child custody battle would be wise to contact a child custody lawyer in Maryland to discuss the case.

Source: CBSNews.com, “Bode Miller, ex-girlfriend reach custody agreement on son,” Dec. 9, 2013

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