4 Common Fears Men Have About Child Custody

Let’s face it, divorce court has a certain reputation for being skewed in favor of women. While the judiciary has changed a lot in recent years and more men are getting custody, men still disproportionately face a number of unique hurdles in divorce. At the Law Offices of Todd K. Mohink, P.A., we make an effort to understand our clients and their concerns. If you are facing a divorce in Maryland, give us a call today. Here are four common fears that men particularly worry about when going through a custody battle.

#1 – How Often Will I See My Children?

At the core of all divorces and child custody disputes, both parents worry about the amount of time they will have with their own children. As Experts agree that one of the keys to improving life after divorce is facing it as a loss and allowing yourself to grieve that loss. Unfortunately, due to sometimes justified fears about judicial bias, men often suffer from serious over the prospect of losing time with their children, sometimes falling into the trap of believing they will hardly ever see them again.

#2 – Another Man Will Be Raising My Children

Again, perhaps fueled by myths and even some actual judicial bias, men often fear that their ex will be living in their home with their children, while letting another man reside there and “raise” their children. This fear can drive men to distraction, leading to all sorts of unhealthy behaviors.

#3 – There’s No Point Fighting; The Woman Always Wins

This is maybe one of the most destructive myths for men going through a divorce or custody dispute. Many men mistakenly believe that they have no chance of successfully winning custody of their children, or they may have an unclear or inaccurate mental picture of what custody actually is. This can lead to apathy and resentment toward the process, which tends to be a self-fulfilling prophecy.

#4 – My Children Will Blame Me

Another common fear for both spouses is that children will hate or resent them for the divorce. This may be true in some cases, but generally children go through the same stages of grief as anyone else. There will be times when children are upset or lash out, but in time these emotions subside, and if the parents are wise about how they rebuild relationships with each other after a divorce, most children come through it okay. For men, however, it is very common to have fears of being vilified or resented. This can pour over into other areas of the relationship, leading some men to spend large sums of money trying to buy affection.

Getting the Facts is Key

Perhaps one of the most important things anyone can do if facing a divorce or custody dispute is to get real answers early. Never rely on information from the Internet or from friends and family. Don’t listen to horror stories or tales about what happened to someone else. Instead, take the time to speak to an experienced Glen Burnie child custody attorney near you about your options and what to expect. You may be surprised to discover that you have more hope than you think. Call Todd K. Mohink in Maryland for help with your custody dispute, and get the facts now.




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