3 options for Maryland payable traffic violations

One thing that most people really try to avoid is getting pulled over by police. It might be for something as simple as a speeding violation or it could be for something as serious as a DUI or DWI charge. Depending on whether you have had other tickets or DWIs in the past, this ticket could be the one that gets your license suspended. How would you know that happened? Do you have to go to court?

In Maryland, there are two types of traffic violations: those that are payable and those that require that you appear in court. If your appearance is required, then you must go to the courthouse on your court date. It is advisable that you contact an attorney before your court date. This is especially true if you have already accumulated some points on your driver’s license. You may be in danger of getting your license suspended.

For a payable ticket, you have three options. You may plead “Guilty” and pay the fine. This ticket will then become part of your driving record and you could end up with points on your license. You can pay the ticket online, at the District Court nearest you or mail in your payment.

Another option you have is to plead “Guilty with an Explanation.” You can request a waiver hearing in front of a judge. You will then be given the opportunity to explain to the judge why you committed the violation. The judge could reduce or waive your fine or give you probation instead of a conviction. However, the judge may raise the fine, too. That is one option he or she has.

Your third option is to “Request a Trial.” You would appear in court and testify as to why you believe you are not guilty. The officer that wrote you the ticket will also testify. The judge will then rule on whether you are guilty or not guilty.

Multiple traffic violations can significantly affect your driving privileges and your insurance rates. To learn more about traffic violations, please visit our webpages on the topic.

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