3 Men Convicted On Burglary Charges

A string of burglaries in Maryland and Georgia has led to arrests and convictions. Three men have been convicted on several burglary-related charges, including transporting stolen property and conspiracy.

After the 10-day trial, three men were convicted:

  • Demar Brown, 37 of Paterson, NJ and Winston-Salem, NC
  • Jahson Fields, 37, of Atlanta
  • Kamar Beckles, 35, of Teaneck, NJ

During a two-month period—between November 29, 2017 and January 26, 2018—the three men broke into at least 20 residences in Baltimore County and Georgia. Altogether, they stole more than $850,000 worth of property. The stolen property included cash, foreign currency, jewelry, designer purses, clothing, safes, personal electronics, collectibles, and identification documents. The men had planned to sell the stolen items out of state.

The men wore masks and gloves during the break-ins and used two-way radios and cell phones to communicate with each other. One of the men would stay in the getaway car as the burglaries took place. The three men would rent hotel rooms in Maryland to store the stolen items until they were transported to North Carolina. Brown had access to two homes in Winston-Salem and that was where he would transport the stolen items.

All three men were arrested on January 26, 2018, near two homes they had just burglarized. The men were fleeing police but were all caught and arrested. Police executed a search warrant for the rented rooms and recovered jewelry, a mask, a pair of gloves, a scale, a gold testing kit, a diamond tester, and various phones. The following day, a search warrant was executed on a Ford Explorer that Brown was driving. They found various tools and clothing that were used in the burglaries, including a pry bar, saws, chisels, a mallet, two-way radios, and flashlights. At Brown’s homes in North Carolina, police found fine jewelry and other property from three burglaries in Baltimore County.

Police seized a total of nine cell phones from the men. On the phones were photos of the many pieces of jewelry stolen during the burglaries. While some of the stolen property has since been returned to their owners, most owners have not yet seen their stolen items.

Each man faces up to five years in federal prison on conspiracy charges and up to 10 years in federal prison for each charge of interstate transportation of stolen property.

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