3 men arrested on theft charges for burglarizing a home

Three men have recently been arrested for what police suspect was a burglary attempt. The Maryland men have been accused of theft charges for supposedly stealing items from a residence then attempting to flee the scene. The three young men are charged with varying degrees of burglary and theft.

According to the report, a neighbor saw three young men — ages 22, 21 and 18 — in his neighborhood, driving a gray BMW. The neighbor told police that he saw two of the men walk to the back of his neighbor’s residence, and, several minutes later, the two left the home with a white sack in hand. The two then got in the car, driven by the other young man, and they purportedly headed towards Pennsylvania.

The neighbor called the police, and police claim that several items were missing from the residence that the young men supposedly broke into. Police supposedly stopped the BMW in Pennsylvania, and officers claim to have found the white sack with missing items in the vehicle. The three men were arrested, and are currently awaiting extradition to Maryland to begin their criminal proceedings.

Each of the three young Maryland men has been charged with two theft charges and three burglary charges of various degrees. Even though all three of the young men are adults, it is possible that due to their young ages — as well as if this is their first time being charged with a crime — that the men could be offered plea deals. If plea deals are offered, the young men would benefit from examining all of their options under our laws in order to ensure the best decision for each young man’s case. Of course, they remain innocent of any allegations and retain the right to put the prosecution to its proof, with the burden resting on the government to prove its allegations in court and beyond a reasonable doubt.

Source: The Baltimore Sun, Westminster neighbor helps police catch burglars, Blair Ames, Nov. 14, 2013

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