3 detained in connection with Maryland burglary

Officials in Anne Arundel County are holding three individuals on burglary charges in connection with an alleged break-in at a business in Glen Burnie. Officers were called to the scene of reported trespassing around 7:12 p.m. An employee at a bank was said to have observed the entry of three people into a vacant office of a separate building also owned by the bank. A search of the location led to the detainment of those now facing burglary charges.

Authorities allege that the individuals entered the facility by breaching a window and unlocking the door. They are suspected of having entered the building for the purpose of using drugs. Officials note that this was corroborated by evidence found at the scene and in the possession of the three. In addition to burglary charges in the second, third and fourth degrees, the trio faces trespassing charges and charges of possession related to paraphernalia for dangerous controlled substances.

Reports do not indicate whether any goods were stolen from the office. Burglary charges can often be confused with theft, as burglary often involves theft. As the individuals who have been held in this case consider how to defend themselves, they may find that legal assistance is important for the best outcome. A lawyer may assess a defendant’s previous record or lack thereof to determine the best way to proceed.

The outcome might be different for each individual involved due to their unique backgrounds. An attorney may evaluate official reports in the incident to pinpoint any violations of a client’s rights during the process.

Source: WBAL, “3 arrested in Glen Burnie burglary”, Saliqa Khan, June 18, 2014

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