2 facing drug-related charges after traffic stop

A 43-year-old woman and a 33-year-old man were taken into custody after drugs were discovered in their vehicle during a traffic stop in Maryland. The incident occurred on the morning of Aug. 28 in Glen Burnie.

According to police, the woman’s license had been suspended, and the man had an outstanding warrant for a parole violation. Officers allege that they spotted drugs in the vehicle as well and eventually recovered 7.67 grams of heroin, 23 bags of crack cocaine, drug paraphernalia and $151 in cash from drug-related transactions.

The woman received several citations for traffic violations, and the two are also facing a number of drug charges. These charges include drug possession, drug possession with intent to distribute and drug paraphernalia.

Individuals charged with serious drug-related crimes may wish to consult an attorney because the penalties can be severe. However, both individuals have a number of options available for their defense. One is challenging the account of the police. For example, it might be argued that the police searched the vehicle illegally rather than spotting the drugs during the routine stop.

The individuals may also wish to accept a plea bargain. In such a case, they would plead guilty and avoid a trial in exchange for a lesser sentence. Since the man has a previous record, he may want to focus on making sure he gets a reduced sentence. It is unclear whether the woman has any previous violations besides the suspended license. An attorney might be able to work with the individuals to develop the best strategy for their defense.

Source: CBS Baltimore, “2 Suspects Arrested For Crack Cocaine In Glen Burnie”, August 28, 2014

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