Columbia Separation Agreement Lawyer

Columbia Separation Agreement Lawyer

Columbia Separation Agreement Attorney

When a married couple is having trouble in the relationship, the parties may decide to take a break from one another and to separate. While separation does not require legal processes in the way that divorce does, it can still be an emotionally charged and complicated process. When two parties decide to separate, at least one of the parties needs to move into a new residence, and both parties will have to become accustomed to living on a single salary instead of a combined salary. Further, the party who decides to move into a new residence might want to take some of the property from the formerly shared home, which might result in a dispute.

Separation often becomes even more complex when there are minor children involved. Separating means that the parents will have to develop a plan for raising their children, making important decisions about their children’s well-being, and figuring out a way to spend time with the children while remaining separate and apart from one another. A separation agreement may be able to help. An experienced Columbia separation agreement lawyer can discuss your options with you today.

What is a Separation Agreement in Howard County?

A separation agreement allows two parties to agree, in the form of a contract, to terms about dividing property, paying or receiving spousal support, and managing a visitation schedule with your children before you can come to an official child custody agreement during the divorce process.

Under Maryland law, a separation agreement is not necessary in order to get a divorce, but such an agreement can be extremely beneficial in many different types of family situations.

Why Should I Consider a Separation Agreement?

Separation agreements are not always necessary for families in Columbia, as we noted above. For example, if you got married only a short time ago and do not anticipate a contested divorce, and if you do not have any children from the marriage, it might not make sense to develop a separation agreement. However, for many families in the Columbia, Maryland area, a separation agreement can be an important first step before divorce proceedings begin.

A separation agreement can include many different issues, including but not limited to:

  • Child visitation;
  • Dividing property;
  • Alimony or spousal maintenance;
  • Dealing with marital debts;
  • Pets and visitation;
  • Splitting up household items; and
  • Dividing business interests.

In sum, separation agreements allow parties to contract about issues involving property, financial support, custody or visitation, and other personal rights. Separation agreements can be enforced by a court, but a court can always change the terms based on what is equitable or fair to the parties.

Get in Touch with a Columbia Separation Agreement Lawyer

Drafting a separation agreement can be a complicated task, but it is often essential for couples who are planning to get divorced and need to reach an agreement about certain terms. A dedicated Howard County separation agreement attorney can discuss your situation with you today and can begin talking about options for drafting a separation agreement. Contact the Law Offices of Todd K. Mohink, PA online or call our office at 410-964-0050.


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