Columbia Child Pornography Lawyer

Columbia Child Pornography Lawyer

Columbia Child Pornography Attorney

If you are facing charges of child pornography, you are in a battle for your life. Not only is your liberty at risk; you may potentially be facing consequences that will forever impair your career, relationships, financial status, housing, and every other aspect of your life. This issue is no small matter. That’s why you need an attorney who is dedicated to the constitutional principles demanding a robust defense. At the Law Offices of Todd K. Mohink, you will get nothing less. Our experienced and assertive Columbia child pornography lawyers focus exclusively on child pornography issues, and will defend you against charges with the vigor and passion you deserve.

State Charges

Maryland law applies to children under the age of 16, and addresses visual depictions of a child who is sexually aroused, is engaged in sexual conduct, or is subjected to sadomasochism. A first offense could mean a $2,500 fine and five years imprisonment.

Defining Child Pornography

Federal code is clear in its definition of child pornography: it includes any depiction of a child below age 18 involved in sexually explicit conduct. The imagery may be digital or computer generated pictures that appear to show a minor child, or may be actual videos or photographs. Even if the film is not developed or if it is stored electronically, it is illegal according to federal law Section 2256 of Title 18.

Federal Charges

Federal charges may be filed if images depicting child pornography cross state lines, for example through the internet or by mail. Charges related to child pornography may be related to several acts:

  • Possession of images;
  • Reception of images;
  • Distribution of images;
  • Production of images.
  • Coercing a child to engage in such conduct in order to produce visual depictions.

Statutory Penalties in Howard County

Convictions for first-time offenders can mean sentences of up to 20 years in prison, in addition to fines. If the crime was aggravated, the consequences become stiffer yet, perhaps resulting in a life sentence. Aggravating circumstances include:

  • Violent or sadistic images;
  • Sexual abuse of a child;
  • An offender’s prior convictions.

Choosing the Right Defense Lawyer is Paramount

Cases of child pornography have become more prominent in recent years, in part because the Internet has made it easier for law enforcement to track suspicious online activity. There is generally vehement public outcry surrounding such cases, giving prosecutors the mandate they need to push for maximum penalties. That’s why you need an attorney with both finesse and the muscle to fight on your behalf. At the Law Offices of Todd K. Mohink, we will investigate and provide the defense the United States constitution guarantees you. We proudly pursue the best outcomes for our clients, using the law to support our every move. For a confidential consultation, contact our Howard County child pornography lawyers today at 410-766-0113.


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