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What may be considered during a home visit?

One of the key parts of the adoption process is the home study or home visit. Adoption agencies take this very seriously, and a social worker or a representative from the agency may come to your home to check it out and conduct an interview. The group just wants to make sure that you really will offer a safe, loving home to the child before placing him or her in your care. So, what types of things may be examined or considered?

– Your documentation, including your birth certificates and marriage licenses.- Your medical history and overall health.- Your financial standing. You may need to provide pay stubs, earning statements, and tax returns from the last three years.- The physical condition of your home, especially as it pertains to health and safety.- Your employment records and current employment standing.- An autobiography telling the agency about you and why you want to adopt a child.- Your criminal history.- Letters of reference from at least three different people.

In some cases, a psychological evaluation may be carried out. If you are adopting a child from another country, the agent may also need to see your passport, your INS documents or other documents..

These interviews can be nerve-wracking because they are so crucial to the process and can determine whether or not you’ll get the child. Just remember that things will go well as long as you are prepared and have everything in order as asked. While gathering documents, it may be wise to look into all of the legal aspects that govern this process in Maryland.

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