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Update: Baltimore’s speed cameras shut down for erroneous charges

Over the last several months, we have covered the long-standing problems with the speed cameras in Baltimore. In an effort to catch…

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No need for speed: Maryland woman ticketed for going ‘too slow’

Many drivers have probably been pulled over for driving a few miles per hour over the posted speed limit. While this might…

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Despite changes, Baltimore’s speed cameras remain error prone

Over the last few months, much attention has been paid to the accuracy of speed cameras used in the Baltimore area. Since…

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Lohan could face jail time due to reckless driving charge

Over the last couple years, movie star Lindsay Lohan has been through her fair share of trouble, which Baltimore readers may be…

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Maryland police: DUI crackdown will continue through holidays

Adult beverages and celebrating seem to go hand-in-hand, which is why drunk driving arrests typically spike around the holidays. Thanksgiving was no…

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Former Baltimore DJ sentenced for drunk driving conviction

When someone is charged with drunk driving, there can be more than just legal consequences. There can be damage done to relationships,…

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Think you won’t get a ticket for driving 1 MPH over speed limit?

Most of us have been in the situation wherein we are driving, see a police officer near us and then we quickly…

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Traffic tickets were worth saving a child’s life

Imagine pulling into a parking spot at a local park where just a few feet away is a 100-foot drop. It may…

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Baltimore cases tied up with Supreme Court strip search ruling

Getting arrested is a stressful experience for almost anyone no matter what. Whether a person committed a crime or didn’t, is young…

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Former Ravens player arrested for driving with suspended license

Jermaine Lewis, a former Ravens player who helped his team clinch a Super Bowl victory over a decade ago, was arrested again…

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Speeding cameras in Maryland work zones make money, ignite debate

Laws regarding traffic safety have a tendency to spark debate among a community. While most understand the importance of responsible driving, they…

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Public cynicism of traffic stops confirmed by one DUI case

There are many police officers whose work is incredibly admirable. They are out to help the public and serve the community. Despite…

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Will NTSB’s proposed ban make Maryland driving laws stricter?

Compared to other states in the U.S., Maryland has relatively strict traffic laws related to distracted driving. But if the National Transportation…

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Speeding cameras spread through Baltimore County

A traffic ticket can sound like minor trouble in a person’s day, but when they add up, traffic citations can make an…

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Schools, cameras, action! Speeding fines start in Howard County

Devices that are currently being used in Howard County have been the source of much debate here in Maryland but throughout other…

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Proud Baltimore native laments reported racial profiling

Have you ever been driving along, minding your business and supposedly following the law when an officer decides to pull you over?…

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Phone app can help drivers work with distracted driving laws

Over the past few years, cell phones have become at least as popular as cars in this country. And that is where…

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Are Maryland’s distracted driving laws enough or too much?

Over the past couple of years in Maryland, drivers have had to learn new traffic rules in order to avoid fines. In…

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Residents in Baltimore neighborhood are sick of traffic tickets

There’s something special about older neighborhoods, especially when families have lived in those neighborhoods for decades. We all know that a home…

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Baltimore hit-and-run case could be hard to prove

According to The Baltimore Sun, a hit-and-run suspect recently turned himself in to authorities to be held without bail. He has been…

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