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Understanding traffic violations here in Maryland – IV

Throughout the month of March, our blog has been discussing the issue of traffic violations. In particular, we’ve discussed the difference between…

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Understanding traffic violations here in Maryland

If you have driven for any appreciable amount of time, chances are that you are familiar with the fleeting flash of anxiety…

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Man faces manslaughter, theft and traffic violations after crash

A Maryland man suspected of being involved in a fatal car accident in which two people lost their lives has been arrested.…

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Man accused of speeding up to 115 mph, causing fatal car crash

A Maryland man suspected of causing a fatal car accident while allegedly driving under the influence of drugs has recently been offered…

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No need for speed: Maryland woman ticketed for going ‘too slow’

Many drivers have probably been pulled over for driving a few miles per hour over the posted speed limit. While this might…

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Maryland police: DUI crackdown will continue through holidays

Adult beverages and celebrating seem to go hand-in-hand, which is why drunk driving arrests typically spike around the holidays. Thanksgiving was no…

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Technology versus Maryland’s traffic cameras

Baltimore and the rest of Maryland has had red light cameras since 1997 and speeding cameras since 2007. It would be a…

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Think you won’t get a ticket for driving 1 MPH over speed limit?

Most of us have been in the situation wherein we are driving, see a police officer near us and then we quickly…

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New speeding cameras now at work in Baltimore County

Despite the debate surrounding law enforcement tools such as red light cameras and speeding cameras, officials in Baltimore County have moved forward…

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Speed camera proposal sparks further ethics debate in Maryland

In a previous post about speed cameras in Maryland, we mentioned that there was a proposal to amend the laws regarding the…

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Speeding cameras spread through Baltimore County

A traffic ticket can sound like minor trouble in a person’s day, but when they add up, traffic citations can make an…

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Baltimore hit-and-run case could be hard to prove

According to The Baltimore Sun, a hit-and-run suspect recently turned himself in to authorities to be held without bail. He has been…

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Baltimore Ravens player given a break with DUI sentence

Often times in criminal cases involving high-profile defendants, the public and the legal system can be relatively tough on a suspect in…

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Maryland man proves speeding cameras are ‘highway robbery’

Speeding cameras are a source of debate not only throughout the state of Maryland but throughout the country. More and more states…

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Debate over speed cameras in Howard County continues

The Baltimore Sun reports that speeding cameras could soon spread throughout more of the state. Specifically, Howard County could soon have the…

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Maryland appeals court says police aren’t above traffic laws

Traffic cameras have inspired debate throughout the country about whether they are effective tools of law enforcement or sneaky ways to make…

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Maryland Senator Wants Speed Cameras Used for Safety, Not Revenue

Speed cameras. Are they effective means of protecting the public from reckless driving, or are they mere money makers? That’s been an…

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New Speeding Camera At Work On Maryland Highway

Some in the state of Maryland worry that “Big Brother” is among resident drivers now that cameras are replacing officers at certain…

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Baltimore Ravens Assistant Coach Charged with Drunk Driving

Assistant coach of the Baltimore Ravens, Andy Moeller, is not unfamiliar with DUI allegations. He is in the midst of his third…

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