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SCOTUS: Traffic stops based on officer mistakes are permissible

Do law enforcement officials violate the Fourth Amendment rights of motorists when they initiate a traffic stop based on a misunderstanding of…

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21 life sentences commuted for nonviolent offenders

The Office of the President carries with it a great amount of power. One of the powers that the individual elected into…

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Murder trial in jury deliberations, Baltimore residence is key

A murder trial is underway in which a jury will decide the fate of a 36-year-old man. The trial is in Sullivan…

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Change in drug sentencing helps out Maryland inmates

Back in 1980’s, a basketball star for the University of Maryland died of a crack overdose. Sources suspect that that high-profile death…

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Sentencing guideline revision means early release for some offenders

Last Tuesday, around 1,800 inmates convicted of crack offenses became eligible for early release because of changes in federal sentencing guidelines. The…

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Supreme Court to decide legal limits of GPS use on suspects’ cars

Several years ago, a Maryland man had his vehicle parked in a Maryland parking lot. News sources don’t indicate where the man was…

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Drug and firearms charges brought against Maryland men

Drug charges usually follow an extensive and long-term investigation by several different law enforcement officials. Typically, these agencies will build a case…

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Maryland debates making ‘bath salts’ illegal drug

When you hear the term “bath salts,” you probably think of a spa product and a nice warm tub. As we should…

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Cruise Ship Employees Arrested in Baltimore for Drug Charges

Last week, federal authorities made several arrests after a Royal Caribbean cruise ship docked in Baltimore. According to sources, the Enchantment of…

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