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Maryland Bank Manager Faces Theft, Embezzlement Charges


When you deposit money into your local bank, you assume it’s in good hands. You should be able to trust bank employees not to take money from your account.

Unfortunately, a customer at a Maryland bank had a bad experience after a bank manager gained her trust and stole her money. The manager of a Wells Fargo in Annapolis took advantage of a Spanish-speaking customer and managed to debit more than $320,000 from her account. She was arrested on February 6 and now faces various criminal charges, including embezzlement, theft and aggravated identity theft.

The woman was released the same day. Under the conditions of her release, she must stay in Maryland and she cannot contact victims or witnesses. She also faces restrictions in terms of opening financial accounts.

According to the federal complaint, the fraud occurred between August 2012 and November 2018. The bank manager ordered 19 debit cards for the customer’s bank accounts. The customer would keep track of her accounts by visiting the bank manager in person. Over the course of three years, $320,000 was debited from the woman’s accounts. The money was taken from various stores and ATMs without her approval. The surveillance camera at the ATM of the bank where the bank manager worked showed the woman withdrawing money from the customer’s account.

While most of the withdrawals occurred locally in Anne Arundel and Prince George’s counties, some transactions occurred in other states, such as New Jersey, New York and Virginia. The bank manager used her customer’s debit cards to pay for work on her Cadillac Escalade. The withdrawals stopped in May 2018 when the bank manager went on maternity leave.

Anne Arundel County police were contacted in January 2019. A Wells Fargo customer said that two fraudulent checks were drawn from his family member’s account. The handwriting on the checks looked like the bank manager’s. It is unknown if the bank manager committed theft and fraud on any other victims.

Theft by Bank Employees 

Theft by bank employees is nothing new—nor is it rare. Bank employees often steal information from their customers in order to fraudulently access funds. One identity theft ring operated in Pennsylvania between 2006 and 2012. During that time, 35 bank customers had money stolen from their accounts or had fake debit cards set up in their names. The employees were arrested and charged with identity theft.

Identity theft by outsiders is still common, though. While banks are taking action by thoroughly screening new hires and providing training, it’s important to understand that personal information can still be used illegally.

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People trust banks to take good care of their money. When a bank employee steals their money, it can be a devastating experience.

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