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Man arrested for violating Maryland domestic violence laws

Domestic violence doesn’t discriminate based on age or marital status and the Maryland domestic violence laws can be violated by anyone. An Anne Arundel County domestic violence lawyer sees many types of cases involving people who run the gamut of age, employment and position in society.

A teenager was recently arrested for allegedly violating Maryland domestic violence laws. The 19-year-old was wanted for allegations of assault, false imprisonment and other charges. Police raided the man’s home in search of him, but he wasn’t there. The police later found and arrested him following the search of his home.

The woman in this case said she had been visiting the alleged perpetrator at the time of the alleged assault. She suffered wounds to her face and body. It is the belief of law enforcement that the man threatened to kill the woman and told her not to leave. She escaped and contacted a friend for help.

Maryland domestic violence laws are in place to help the victim. It doesn’t have to be a spouse for there to be a protective order or steps taken to keep the victim safe. It could be a neighbor or friend who commits the acts that make it necessary to contact a Maryland domestic violence lawyer for assistance. There are many steps abused people can take to provide for their safety and the safety of a loved one who might be the victim of abuse. Examples include protective orders and peace orders.

Depending on the situation, there are several types of protective measures that a person can take. There’s no reason to accept abuse when there are ways to stop it from happening under Maryland domestic violence laws to help the victim.

Source: WBAL, “Teen Found & Arrested After Assaulting Woman In His Home,” Ashley Williams, Sept. 26, 2013

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