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Man arrested for violating Maryland domestic violence laws

Maryland domestic violence laws are in place to protect the victim from continued abuse from an allegedly abusive spouse. There are times, however, when an Ann Arundel County domestic violence lawyer sees the victim subject to the continued abuse of the spouse, even if there has been a protective order filed to keep the abuser away with the threat of incarceration.

A 24-year-old man was arrested for violating a protective order that his wife had placed on him. The man violated Maryland domestic violence laws that stated he was not to have any contact with the victim. He is in jail and awaiting trial after violating the protective order by contacting the victim two other times before this incident.

When there is domestic violence, the victim has options to try and gain protection. Maryland domestic violence laws allow a victim to file for a protective order against a spouse or someone with whom children are shared, if that person is being abusive. If it is a neighbor, stranger or acquaintance that is being abusive, the victim can file for a peace order.

There are three levels of protective orders: interim, temporary and final. The interim order can be obtained with assistance from a Maryland domestic violence lawyer and received without the knowledge of the alleged abuser. The temporary order can be heard and granted within 48 hours. The request for a final order will be heard within a week. With a final protective order, it can be in effect for up to a year. Children will also be placed in the custody of the abused spouse for as long as a year with the alleged abuser having to pay child support, while adhering to the terms of the order.

In this case, the man had violated the protective order two times before he was arrested again. When there is a situation like this, the abused person would be wise to discuss the matter with a Maryland domestic violence lawyer to seek protection.

Source: The Bay Net, “Man incarcerated for violating protective order,” Feb. 5, 2014

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