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Glen Burnie Spousal Support Modification Lawyer

Modifications to part of a divorce decree, including spousal support, require a significant change in circumstances of one of the parties. You cannot modify a divorce post-judgment simply because you change your mind about the settlement or award, contact our Glen Burnie spousal support modification lawyers today.

Post-Decree Modifications

If you are seeking or contesting a change in spousal support/alimony, we can assist you. The attorneys at the Law Offices of Todd K. Mohink, PA, have extensive experience with Maryland family law and divorce. Whether you wish to increase, reduce or end spousal support payments, you can rely on our counsel. When support modifications cannot be resolved by negotiation, we will represent you in court.

For a free consultation about modifying your spousal support agreement, call us at 800-266-8151 or use our online contact form.

Are You Paying or Receiving the Right Amount?

After a divorce is finalized, you can modify spousal support payments if circumstances change. However, the change must be significant enough to merit either a decrease or increase in payments. Reasons you may request spousal support modification can include:

  • One party losing a job or suffering another financial loss
  • One party filing bankruptcy
  • One party getting a higher paying job
  • A change in the health of one party

Support will be terminated if the party receiving spousal support remarries or either party dies.

If you are not receiving court-ordered spousal support payments, we can help you obtain an order of enforcement. We also represent people who have been wrongfully accused of not paying spousal support.

Schedule a Free Consultation With Our Spousal Support Modification Lawyers

Spousal support agreements are not set in stone. To learn more about how our experienced divorce attorneys can help you modify yours, call us today at 800-266-8151. You can reach our offices in Columbia and Glen Burnie at that number, or by email.

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