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Glen Burnie Internet Crime Lawyer

Cyber crimes may be aggressively prosecuted by state and federal law enforcement. If you were arrested for hacking into someone’s e-mail or other online account, you could face federal charges with severe penalties.

Federal agencies such as the FBI may be involved in Internet crime investigations. At the Law Offices of Todd K. Mohink, PA, we know how to fight federal prosecutors. If you are charged at the state and federal levels, our attorneys can provide experienced defense representation. Call 800-266-8151 to learn more, or send us an email with the details of your case.

Internet Crimes May Be Charged as Wire Fraud

Wire fraud is the intentional defrauding of others using the Internet, phone, radio or television. Because it is a federal crime, a wire fraud conviction can have harsh penalties. A conviction can include a prison sentence and steep fines.

You May Have Been Unaware of the Severity of the Offense

We defend people charged because of unauthorized access or surveillance of electronic communications such as:

  • Hacking into e-mail accounts
  • Hacking into social media accounts
  • Interception of e-mail or text messages
  • Unauthorized access of another person’s cellphone records

These types of crimes are sometimes related to family law disputes or domestic violence cases. Our firm has extensive family law experience. If you need representation in a related family law matter, we can assist you with divorce, child custody or protective orders.

Contact Our Glen Burnie Internet Crime Lawyers

For a lawyer with the comprehensive, up-to-date knowledge to handle complex Internet crime cases, call 800-266-8151 today. We have offices in Glen Burnie and Columbia, and offer free initial consultations.

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