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Fathers who owe child support arrested before Father’s Day

Last Sunday, many people gathered with their families to celebrate Father’s Day. For some fathers in Prince George’s County, though, the day was not as festive as they would have liked.

A combination of county and state law enforcement officials investigated 286 warrants for those who had failed to pay child support in the days leading up to Father’s Day. The focused effort is termed the “Father’s Day Warrant Sweep” and has been conducted for the past three years.

Of the warrants investigated, 51 arrests were made with those individuals owing over $343,000 in back child support. There are a total of 562 child support warrants currently open in the county.

The sweep is scheduled around Father’s Day to make an impression on nonpaying fathers. A law enforcement officer involved said, “It’s important that we crack down on fathers that fail to pay child support. It’s an initiative child support enforcers wanted to do kind of as a wake-up call of sorts.”

Modification of child support

When a parent can no longer pay the child support originally agreed upon, he or she can ask for a modification of the child support order, particularly when there has been a change in circumstances. For instance, a parent who has lost a job or whose hours at work have been reduced may be entitled to a modification of the initial determination of child support.

If a modification has not been made, the receiving parent is entitled to the amount of child support originally determined. If he or she does not receive the child support owed, legal steps can be taken to recover those funds.

Source: Gazette.Net, “Unhappy Father’s Day for those who failed to pay child support,” Daniel J. Gross, June 19, 2012.

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