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Drunk driver hits state trooper’s car

Just a few counties over, a suspected drunk driver from Prince George County was charged with drunk driving for hitting a Maryland State Police car. The state trooper was parked in the median of I-495 while monitoring traffic for speeding cars. A Buick LeSabre veered off the highway and struck his car.

Fortunately, the trooper was not seriously injured in the accident. He was taken to the local hospital and released after being treated for his injuries. The 43-year-old driver who hit the officer was uninjured; however, he was charged this past Sunday with a number of offenses, including driving under the influence, driving while impaired, reckless and negligent driving and failure to control speed. He has been released from custody after posting a $3,500 bond. While it is fortunate that no one was hurt, the alleged drunk driver now has some difficult times ahead.

Drunk driving offenses, especially when coupled with traffic violations, can be serious business. Not only can they be expensive, but they can result in loss of your driver’s license, land you in jail, hurt your reputation and ruin your career. That’s why if you are facing similar charges, you may want to consider fighting the charges.

When you speak to an attorney — and this should be done as soon as possible — don’t leave out any details. The evidence that the state has against you is very important. For instance, in the example described above, there was no mention of a Breathalyzer test or other type of blood alcohol test performed. An attorney may be able to fight the charges if there is not sufficient evidence to back up all the charges.

Reduction of one or more of the charges can make a big difference in the final outcome. For more information on strategies for fighting drunk driving charges, you can view our website.

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