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Christmas traditions might change with an adopted child

Parents of adopted children usually want to give the children all the things that they have missed so far in life. When it comes to Christmas, it is imperative that adoptive parents think carefully about how they are going to celebrate the holiday with the adopted child. If you are planning a Christmas celebration for your adopted child, think about these important points.

First, think about what gifts you will give the child. Some adoptive children come from situations of poverty and living arrangements that didn’t come with many luxuries. It is possible that these children would become overwhelmed with a bunch of gifts. Instead of showering the child with material items, shower the child with the love and understanding that is necessary during a time of adjustment.

Second, try to integrate your child’s traditions into your family’s traditions. This is especially important if you adopt a child from another country or one who is older and has established traditions that are cherished. Even something as simple as adding in time to watch a favorite Christmas movie can have a huge impact on the child.

Third, pay attention to the child. Having too many Christmas activities might make the child feel stressed. This is the last thing you want to happen. Instead of trying to get the child to do a bunch of activities, pick and choose the ones that should be the most fun and focus on making valuable memories.

If you are still in the process of adopting your child, these points can still matter. Be sure that you understand how to help your soon-to-be adoptive child work through the vast emotions that occur during the holiday season.

Source: Crosswalk, “Creating a Hopeful Christmas for Your Adopted Child,” Debbie Googeg, accessed Dec. 09, 2016

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