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Maryland Mortgage Consultant Faces Theft Charges

Scams abound in all industries. You may get phone calls from people claiming to be from the IRS or Social Security Administration…

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Maryland Store Owner Arrested in Theft Ring

Theft is a common crime. Anything can be stolen, from candy bars to automobiles. Many people have stolen once in their lives,…

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Maryland Man, Woman Face Charges for Auto Theft

People typically do not look kindly upon theft. They don’t appreciate it when others take their possessions without their consent. This is…

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Maryland Men Accused of Stealing Scrap Metal Worth $425,000

Theft is a common crime. It can be easy to take someone else’s money or personal belongings and claim them as your…

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4 Baltimore Women Charged With Shoplifting

Many people view shoplifting as a form of petty theft that should not lead to serious penalties, but when the value of…

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2 Arrested for Theft from Maryland Navy Exchange Store

Theft is a common crime. While some people think nothing of taking an item of little value, like a candy bar, these…

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What is Shopkeeper’s Privilege?

Business owners have a lot on their plate. They have to manage the various elements of their store to keep it profitable.…

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What is Shoplifting? Definition and Penalties

People often do not think much of taking a candy bar or a tube of lipstick from a store without paying for…

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Avoiding Grand Theft Charges in Maryland

Two friends are hanging out. One does not have a driver’s license but decides to borrow the other’s car without asking. Sadly,…

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Does Maryland need to reconsider its approach to shoplifting?

Every day, people across Maryland find themselves in the unenviable position of facing shoplifting charges. While many might discount the punishment of…

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Man accused of strong-arm robbery at Bingo World

A 37-year-old man in Anne Arundel County was accused of committing a strong-arm robbery on Oct. 24. At approximately 1:40 a.m., a…

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Maryland man accused of robbing restaurant

It was announced on Oct. 16 that a Maryland man who was believed to have been involved in a September robbery was…

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Missing school bus found with severe damage

Two people have been charged with theft and attempted arson, among other charges, after a Maryland school bus was stolen and vandalized.…

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Police say couple stole school bus and tried to set it on fire

Two people in Anne Arundel County were detained on Oct. 7 after allegedly stealing a school bus. The school bus was reportedly…

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2 men accused of stealing clothes from shopping center

On Sept. 29, two men were accused of stealing over $400 worth of clothing from a shopping center in Maryland. The incident…

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Woman held in Maryland on open Pennsylvania warrant

Police in Maryland took a 43-year-old woman into custody on Sept. 23 after receiving a report that a burglary was taking place…

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Maryland police say men stole items they were trying to pawn

Two men were accused of committing a string of thefts in Anne Arundel County on Sept. 17. According to police officers on…

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2 men charged with theft in Maryland

Police say that two men believed to have stolen radiators, batteries and stereo equipment from cars in a parking lot in Odenton…

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3 Maryland individuals accused of robbery

Three Maryland residents were accused of being involved in a robbery on Sept. 5 that occurred at a residence located in Lexington…

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Man accused of using cloned credit cards at Maryland Target

A man was taken into police custody on August 14 after he was accused of using two fraudulent credit cards to purchase…

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