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Can May-December Marriages Last?

They say that age is nothing but a number, but is that true for marriage? Some people seem to think so but…

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How Stonewalling Can Harm Your Marriage

Marriages can be hard, especially when one person has a problem and the other person doesn’t want to deal with it. People…

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Senior Citizen Assaulted Over Car Damage

When you have an issue with someone, it’s best to discuss it with them in a respectful and mature manner. Hitting someone…

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Passive-Aggressive Behavior In A Marriage

In order for a marriage to work, the parties involved need to know how to communicate. The best way to communicate is…

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Woman Faces Multiple Charges In DUI Death Of Infant Son

When a mother kills their child—even accidentally—law enforcement takes it seriously. This is especially true in a situation that could have been…

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4 Men Arrested In Maryland For Diesel Theft

If you’ve lived in the United States any time in the last year, you know that times are tough. Prices are going…

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How To Make An Age Gap Relationship Work

Marriage is hardly ever easy. Couples fight over finances and everyday life. They may be exhausted from raising kids. Sex might become…

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Is Your Relationship Positive?

It’s well-known that humans have a need for food and shelter. We also have a need for connection. This is why we…

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How Social Media Can Affect Your Relationship

Many people are addicted to their phones. When people are on their smartphones, they are usually scrolling through Facebook, Twitter, or some…

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Maryland Man Faces Assault Charges After Choking Woman

People expect to be able to do their shopping in peace, without being attacked by a stranger. When a person chokes or…

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Army National Guardsman Arrested For Possession Of 12,000+ Child Porn Images

When people get into child pornography, they may collect dozens or maybe even a few hundred images. Then there are those who…

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Dealing With Driver’s License Issues

It can be easy to get your driver’s license, but it can also be easy for something to happen to it. Speeding…

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Corrections Officer Arrested After Raping Inmate

Being incarcerated can be a scary situation. Making the situation worse is getting raped by a corrections officer. This is what happened…

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