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Living Together Before Marriage: What You Need To Know

In the past, living together before getting married was frowned upon. Couples were to live apart until their wedding day. A lot…

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Tips For A Long-Lasting Marriage

Some marriages last maybe a few years, while others last a lifetime—several decades or longer. What is their secret? Why do these…

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Bad Behaviors That Can Be Marriage Deal Breakers

Marriages are not easy. You won’t always be able to have it your way. Relationships require compromise, but we can only tolerate…

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Senior Assaulted During Carjacking

Drivers are protective of their vehicles. Cars and trucks are one of the most expensive assets a person has and understandably, they…

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Maryland Couple Returns From Vacation To $50K Theft

Many people expect to come back from vacation to recuperate from being away from home. They expect to sleep in their own…

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Maryland Pizza Shop Owner Sentenced To 20 Years For Fatal DUI Crash

The law does not take kindly to those who have a lengthy criminal record. Getting one DUI is bad enough, but when…

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Should You Settle Your Divorce Or Go To Trial?

Nobody wants to go through the emotions and complexities of a divorce. Most people want to get through the process as quickly…

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Can Your Age At Marriage Predict Divorce?

When it comes to relationships, they say age is just a number. This means that adults—anyone over the age of 18—are all…

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How A Serious Illness Can Affect A Marriage

When we get married, we vow to stay with our partner until death do us part. We may agree to this at…

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Maryland Coach Arrested On Child Porn Charges

Child porn offenders can be a variety of demographics. While most older men, they can be young, trustworthy people such as teachers…

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