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January 2016 Archives

What is mediation for child custody cases?

Many parents who are going through a child custody battle often want to make things as easy as possible. One way that you might be able to reduce the stress during the process is to use mediation to come up with a child custody agreement instead of having to hash everything out in the courtroom.

High school teacher charged with multiple sex offenses

When you are charged with a sex offense involving a minor, it can destroy your reputation and your career. This is especially true if you are an educator and the alleged victim is one of your students. These types of cases are followed closely in the media, and you might feel as though you've been found guilty before the trial even begins.

Background checks can contain DUI arrests and convictions

Being arrested for drunk driving might seem like an inconvenience; however, when you find out some of the ways that it can affect your life, you might not think of it as simply an inconvenience. Many people know that a DUI arrest can lead to a conviction that comes with possible fines, incarceration and drivers' license suspensions. That isn't where the effects stop.

Reviewing the prosecution's case is necessary for a defense

Facing a criminal charge is something that can be frightening. You have to think about the social consequences of the charge. You also have to think about how you are going to handle your defense. We know that when you think about all of these points, it is easy to feel overwhelmed.

Weapons charges include more than only guns

Weapons laws cover many more weapons that just guns. Knives are also covered by these laws. Maryland's knife laws are some of the older laws on the books. The types of knives you can carry, in what circumstances, and how you can carry them vary greatly, which makes it difficult for some people to decide if carrying a specific type of knife in a certain way is legal.

Understanding the consent process and contracts for adoptions

When you are adopting a child, there are a lot of uncertainties that you will likely think about until the day that the adoption is finalized. One of the main issues that you might have to deal with is the uncertainty of whether the birth parents will allow the adoption to proceed or if they will try to stop it at the last minute. There are some critical points that you must understand about this point.

3 men arrested for possession with intent to distribute heroin

Heroin is making a fast comeback into our society, in part due to the difficulty some users experience in getting their hands on opioids or having enough money to buy the pain pills. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, heroin use among 18 to 25-year-olds increased more than 50 percent.

What types of adoptions are used in Maryland?

Adoptions are usually a beautiful experience for the families who adopt a child. There are some aspects of an adoption that can make turn them into something that seems like it is out of a nightmare. One of these aspects is choosing a type of adoption that doesn't meet your needs.

Child support orders include several points and may need changes

When parents aren't in a relationship any longer, taking care of the children they have together must be a top priority. Child support that is ordered through the court is one way that the court can ensure children are being cared for by both parents. In Maryland, the amount of child support that a non-custodial parent must pay is determined by statutes and guidelines. We acknowledge that trying to decipher the guidelines and statutes can be complex.

Man gives homeless man money, then is allegedly robbed by him

Oscar Wilde once said, "No good deed is left unpunished." This often-heard quote means that an act of goodness will backfire. That's certainly the case after a man gives a homeless man money and then is allegedly attacked and robbed by the same man.

Medical care costs are important components of child support

Supporting a child involves more than just paying child support payments. Children also need medical care, which is often an expense that isn't covered by child support payments. In most child support cases, one parent is ordered to get medical insurance for the child; however, not all medical expenses are covered by insurance. Other medical expenses, such as co-pays, must be also be paid.

Explore defense options for all drug-related charges

We recently discussed the penalties for drug trafficking in Maryland. That isn't the only drug charge that a person might face in this state. While drug trafficking is the most serious of all drug charges, it is vital that anyone who is facing any drug charge prepare a defense to fight the charges because even simple possession convictions can have long-lasting consequences.

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