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November 2015 Archives

You have options to collect past due child support

When child support orders aren't complied with, the child is the one who suffers. Parents who are due child support and haven't received it from the paying parent have options to try to collect the child support they are due. Generally, going through the child support office is possible. Alternatively, parents might opt to go to court regarding the unpaid child support.

Child support orders must be taken seriously

Child support is a very important part of a child custody-related case. The custodial parent in a child custody case might need the financial assistance from the non-custodial parent to help support the child's needs. There are some instances in which a parent is required to pay child support, but doesn't do so. In that, the parent who is recipient of the child support can take action to get the child support paid.

Man facing multiple murder charges in Lothian love triangle

A man from Annapolis, West Virginia, has been indicted by an Anne Arundel grand jury for first and second-degree murder charges, as well as other offenses. The victims in the case, a 25-year-old woman and a 40-year old man, were found on Oct. 5, after the 45-year-old woman allegedly called police to say that her husband was dead. She tried to convince police that it was a suicide; however, the gun that was next to the victim wasn't the gun that killed her husband.

Man accused of sexual assault in Maryland

Being charged with a criminal offense can absolutely ruin your friendships, family relationships and even your reputation in the community in which you live. Can you imagine being charged and keeping your job? That can be disheartening because the public has judged you as guilty before they even hear your story. When you go to trial, you will have your say. You need to be aware that there may be those who pre-judge you. Hopefully it isn't the judge or the jury.

What should I know about adoption in Maryland?

Some people who are trying to expand their family might not be able to do so in the traditional manner. Some people might be able to expand their family in a traditional manner but aren't willing to do so. For those families, the answer might be adoption. There are several things that a person who is trying to adopt a child in Maryland should know.

Decide on your divorce type before filing to end your marriage

Coming to the realization that your marriage isn't what you want it to be can be a difficult discovery. That discovery might lead you to thoughts of dissolving the marriage. We know that you might have some questions you need answered and some information that you need to obtain so that you can make a decision about how to move forward with your life.

3 options for Maryland payable traffic violations

One thing that most people really try to avoid is getting pulled over by police. It might be for something as simple as a speeding violation or it could be for something as serious as a DUI or DWI charge. Depending on whether you have had other tickets or DWIs in the past, this ticket could be the one that gets your license suspended. How would you know that happened? Do you have to go to court?

How does alcohol consumption affect driving abilities?

Drunk driving charges are something that can ruin the winter holiday season. The alcohol served at holiday parties is something that some people choose to avoid completely if they have to drive home. Other people might choose to consume some alcohol while they are at the party. If the ones who drink alcohol end up having to drive home, there might be legal troubles looming on the horizon.

Holiday custody agreements should be worked out early

The holiday season is coming up quickly. For families that still have both parents living under the same roof, the holiday schedule might involve some juggling, but only when trying to fit in all the desired activities. For families that include divorced parents, the holiday season has an even more difficult scheduling factor — child custody schedules.

Being classified as a repeat offender is serious business

Being charged with one drunk driving charge is a horrible experience. For people who are charged with two or more drunk driving offenses in 5 years, the difficulty and the penalties increase because they are classified as repeat offenders. This classification comes with it a great deal of worry and harsh penalties.

What is Maryland's ignition interlock program?

People who are facing repeat DUI charges face a variety of penalties in Maryland. In some cases, a person might be required to enroll in the Ignition Interlock Program. This program utilizes an Alcohol Breath-Analyzed Ignition Interlock device that must be installed on each vehicle you drive. It is important to follow all the rules of the program if you want to complete the program on schedule.

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