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July 2015 Archives

How to avoid these 5 common divorce mistakes

Going through a divorce can be a complete upheaval of your emotions, your finances and generally everything else in your life. There are some common mistakes that many people make when they get divorced. Avoiding these five mistakes can help you get started on your new, single life the right way.

Handling traffic violations in Maryland takes thought

For many people, getting a traffic ticket is a nuisance that means they will either have to shell out money for or miss work to go to court to fight the violation. It is vital that anyone who is facing traffic violation citations understand how traffic violations are handled in Maryland.

Protective orders are useful when you escape domestic violence

Living in a home that is the site of domestic violence is dangerous. The danger extends from physical danger to emotional and mental danger. When things at home are always volatile, you might suffer and your children might suffer. For victims of domestic violence, getting away from the abuser and finding ways to stay safe are vital.

Criminal charges, the Sixth Amendment and your rights

Once charges are pressed against you in a criminal matter, you might want to get the case handled as quickly as possible. In some cases, you might be in for a bit of a wait because your case might require a jury trial or you might want a jury trial. If that is what is going on in your case, you still have the right to a speedy trial with an impartial jury because of your Sixth Amendment rights.

Criminal charges issued in 40-year-old case of missing sisters

A 40-year-old case of two missing sisters is making headlines again. The case of the missing sisters has taken a horrible turn. A sex offender in Delaware is now facing two counts of first-degree murder in that case. The man was recently indicted, but court dates for him to face these charges in Bedford County Circuit Court haven't yet been set. It has been confirmed that the process of having the man transferred for a trial has begun.

2 from Glen Burnie arrested for heroin

A young man and woman where arrested in Glen Burnie after the police conducted a raid on their home and found heroin. The man is 22 years old and the woman is 23 years old, and they lived on Point Pleasant Road. Now, according to the Anne Arundel County Police Department, they are going to be charged with both possession of the illegal drug and the intent to sell and distribute it to others.

What should I do if my ex kidnaps my child?

While many parents are afraid of a stranger abducting their child, this horrible nightmare can turn into a reality for some, except the kidnapper is the child's other parent. Parental abductions are more common than most people realize, and it's important to understand how to handle these situations when they are part of a larger custody dispute.

How does parental substance abuse affect children?

While many parents during a divorce are focused on gaining custody of their children, there are some situations where one parent has to worry about possibly losing custody due to a substance abuse problem. Understanding how having a parent with a substance use disorder affects the children can give you better insight into how the courts interpret what is in the best interests of the child.

What are the possible penalties for driving an uninsured vehicle?

Automobile insurance is required in all 50 states, although the coverage amounts and specifics may differ. In Maryland, the minimum liability coverage is $30,000 for bodily injury per person, twice that for two or more people and $15,000 for damaged property. In order to get license plates in the state or to renew license plates, you have to sign a certification of insurance, which states that you maintain at least the minimum vehicle liability insurance coverage. If the vehicle does not have insurance, your signature also states that the vehicle won't be driven.

What are different types of adoptions I should explore?

Making the decision to adopt a child is a life-changing decision that is only one of many you will have to make along the way. Once you decide that you want to adopt, you will have to explore the various types of adoptions to decide which type you wish to pursue.

Know your options for defense for any criminal charges

In our past few blogs, we have covered a variety of criminal defense topics. All of those topics highlight the importance of having legal representation that you are comfortable working with throughout your criminal justice case. The legal representation you choose should be familiar with the type of case you are facing.

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