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June 2015 Archives

What behaviors are considered criminal harassment?

When many people think of harassment, they think of someone bugging them without stopping. Some people might not realize that some harassing behavior could be considered criminal. There are certain elements that must be present for actions to be considered a criminal action. Knowing some specific points about criminal harassment might help some people who find themselves facing harassment charges.

Hurlock man and teen face attempted murder charges in shooting

A 21-year-old man from Hurlock and his 17-year-old teenage companion are facing multiple charges in an attempted first-degree murder after allegedly shooting an 18-year-old teenager from Greensboro. The charges against the pair include attempted first-degree murder, reckless endangerment, first-degree assault and second-degree assault.

Divorce and custody have unique challenges for service members

In our previous post, we discussed some of the financial points that people who are in the military must consider when they are getting divorced. An interesting point about military men and women who are going through a divorce is that they might not have time to nitpick the entire process because they are busy defending our country.

Financial points to consider during a military divorce

Being in the military comes with a unique set of challenges. When you get married, there are challenges. When you get divorced, there are challenges. The financial challenges of getting a divorce in any case are considerable in every divorce; however, there are even special considerations regarding finances that you have to think about when you are serving our country.

Court date set for Maryland man charged in DUI accident

A 51-year-old Hagerstown man who is allegedly responsible for an automobile crash back in 2014 that paralyzed a Sharpsburg man now has a trial date set for Aug. 31. The charges against the man include: causing life threatening injuries while driving under the influence and violating an alcohol restriction already on his license for a prior driving under the influence conviction. He is also charged with several other types of traffic and drunk driving offenses.

Defense strategies that might occur in a first-degree murder case

In our previous post, we discussed first-degree murder charges and some of the basic information about them. One aspect of these charges that we haven't covered is the defense options that are available for people who are facing this serious charge.

Former Maryland bishop's manslaughter trial postponed

The trial for a 58-year-old former Episcopalian bishop from Baltimore, Maryland, who is accused of killing a bicyclist in an alleged drunk driving incident has had her case postponed until some time in September. The charges against the woman include drunken driving, manslaughter and leaving the scene of an accident.

What challenges can adopted children of same-sex parents face?

Making the choice to adopt a child is a very big decision for many couples. In the case of same-sex couples, adoption can give a child a very loving home. In some cases, a child who isn't the biological child of either partner is adopted. In other cases, the child who is being adopted is the biological child of one partner and adopted by the other partner. In either case, it is important to understand some basic points.

Prescription drug conviction have many penalties and consequences

When people get sick or hurt, they often turn to prescription drugs to help them get better. Doing this is a great option as long as you have a valid prescription for the drugs. When there is a valid prescription for these drugs, you risk facing criminal charges.

Differences between absolute and limited divorce

Just as every state has hoops you must jump through before you can get married, they also each have their own legal requirements and processes that married couples must go through before they can get a divorce. The state of Maryland takes it even one step forward and has two forms of divorce -- a limited divorce and an absolute divorce.

Four teens face charges for armed robbery of pizza place

Four teens are facing criminal charges for a host of charges after they allegedly robbed Pizza Boli's in Annapolis. The group, which is made up of three 17 year-olds and one 18 year-old, face charges for weapons violations, armed robbery, and first-degree assault. Two of the defendants are from Glen Burnie.

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