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April 2015 Archives

SCOTUS decides important case regarding vehicle searches, drug-sniffing dogs -- II

Last week, we started discussing a very important decision recently handed down by the Supreme Court of the United States in Rodriguez v. U.S., a case examining the extent to which law enforcement officials can use drug-sniffing dogs during otherwise routine traffic stops.

SCOTUS decides important case regarding vehicle searches, drug-sniffing dogs

The Supreme Court of the United States made headlines earlier this week when it handed down a decision regarding the use of drug-sniffing dogs by law enforcement officials during otherwise routine traffic stops.

Does divorce work how you think it does?

Most people in Maryland have some idea of how divorce works. We have all seen divorce scenarios play out in movies, TV shows or in the tabloids -- and it is easy to start to think that these portrayals of divorce are true to life. For most people, however, they are not, and a recent article in the Huffington Post helped clear up some of the most common misconceptions about how divorce works.

We are equipped to handle even the most challenging DUI cases

Drunk driving cases begin in two essential ways. The first involves a traffic stop. A police officer may observe you swerving your vehicle, he or she may see you run a red light or your vehicle may be stopped at a routine checkpoint. The officer may immediately suspect impairment or suspicion may arise as a result of your bloodshot eyes or slurred speech.

Adoption and same-sex couples

There are children without parents still waiting for someone to come along and adopt them. Recent research suggests that same-sex couples who are married are more likely to adopt these children than are married couples of differing genders. In fact, 22 percent of same-sex couples currently are raising a child through adoption or through the foster care system. Only three percent of different-sex married couples are doing the same thing.

Can parents decide their own child custody arrangement?

Raising a child is an absolutely joy, but that does not mean that daily life is easy. It is a complicated mess of baseball games, flute lessons, dance classes, birthday parties and after-school study sessions, and you have to arrange all of these into your own work and family schedule. Simply put, only you know what really works for your family.

Should pot possession be excluded as a probation, parole violation?

For the last few weeks, our blog has been closely following the actions of the General Assembly. In particular, we've been playing close attention to some of the measures that lawmakers have been taking in relation to marijuana.

Bill would reduce stigma of criminal conviction in Maryland

Individuals with criminal convictions can face a lot of stigma and consequences that impact the rest of their lives. Having a criminal record can affect your ability to find employment and housing as well as impact your voting rights and other opportunities. 

Lawmakers send bill decriminalizing pot paraphernalia to governor

As far as marijuana is concerned, lawmakers in Maryland have recently adopted what could easily be classified as a progressive approach, meaning they have come to embrace the idea that prosecution and incarceration aren't the only viable solutions.

Gender and child custody outcomes

The way we decide child custody decisions in Maryland is gradually evolving. While the assumption is that courts automatically award the mother physical custody, one appellate court ruled this contradicts our state law and precedent. This resulted in the vacating of a ruling by a Talbot Circuit Court judge’s regarding a child custody matter.

Why it's important to understand Maryland's handgun laws - III

Several weeks back, our blog began a discussion of the handgun laws here in Maryland as a means of providing people with answers and, more importantly, helping them avoid a trip to the local police precinct due to a simple misunderstanding of the applicable rules and regulations.

Under HB 222, dealing deadly doses of heroin, fentanyl means prison

As we've discussed on our blog before, heroin and synthetic opiates like fentanyl have created a public health crisis here in Maryland. Indeed, statistics from the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene indicate that the number of heroin-related deaths jumped by at least 104 from 2013 to 2014, while the number of fentanyl-related deaths jumped by at least 119 during this same timeframe.

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