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March 2015 Archives

Why is FedEx facing federal drug charges?

Given the rate at which Internet shopping has exploded in popularity over the last decade, it's safe to say that one of the biggest beneficiaries has been not just the companies selling their goods and services, but also shipping giants like UPS and, of course, FedEx.

Dedicated to helping those facing the consequences of a DUI

Here in Maryland, the law dictates that anyone convicted of driving under the influence who had a blood alcohol content of .15 or higher at the time of his or her arrest must participate in what is known as the ignition interlock program.

Understanding traffic violations here in Maryland - IV

Throughout the month of March, our blog has been discussing the issue of traffic violations. In particular, we've discussed the difference between payable traffic violations and must appear violations, as well as two of the options available to drivers issued the former type of citation.

Should convictions for non-violent crimes be kept from employers?

The unfortunate reality for many of those who have been arrested, charged and convicted is that once they've finish serving their sentence, they may find themselves with relatively few options as far as employment is concerned. Indeed, this can even be the case for those who showed a serious lapse in judgment as a young person and paid their debt to society years prior.

Examining Maryland's child support enforcement options -- III

Over the last few weeks, our family law blog has been discussing why parents must be on the ball when it comes to making child support payments. Specifically, we've been talking about how Maryland's Child Support Enforcement Administration has a variety of tools at its disposal to ensure compliance, many of which can have serious consequences if utilized.

Examining Maryland's child support enforcement options

When a court orders a parent to make regular and timely child support payments, there is no question that it can prove to be something of a challenge. That's because the parent will now have to start including this not insubstantial sum in their budget and, if necessary, make certain lifestyle adjustments to ensure that the payments are made.

Understanding traffic violations here in Maryland

If you have driven for any appreciable amount of time, chances are that you are familiar with the fleeting flash of anxiety that can accompany the sight of flashing lights in your rearview mirror. Indeed, you immediately start going through a sort of mental instant replay to try to determine what you possibly could have done wrong over the last several miles.

Bill would lower drinking age for active service members

It's a question you've probably heard or asked many times in your life, particularly when you were younger: how can the law allow 18-year-olds to do everything from vote to join the military, yet still prohibit them from legally having a drink?

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