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February 2015 Archives

Does a popular traffic app really pose a danger?

Whether they realize it or not, most people have some sort of routine that they follow prior to leaving their home. It might consist of taking a final look in the mirror, filling their pockets with certain items or double-checking the contents of their bag.

Divorced parents do have tools to help manage expenses

When a divorce is finalized, it can actually prove to be something of a relief to everyone from the spouses and their children to their relatives and friends. That's because everyone is now free to adjust to the new reality, focusing their energy in the right direction and embracing stability.

Why it's important to understand Maryland's handgun laws - II

Earlier this week, we discussed how the conditions under which a person can transfer, purchase or rent a handgun in Maryland have undergone considerable changes since October 2013. We then proceeded to discuss some of these changes in order to help people from inadvertently facing the potentially severe consequences of weapons charges.

If you would like to learn more about divorce, we're here to help

In just a few days, people across the country will be opening cards, exchanging gifts and going out to dinner to celebrate Valentine's Day. While most people will welcome the chance to spend some time with their significant others on this unofficial holiday, there are others for whom this day is wrought with conflicting emotions.

Why it's important to understand Maryland's handgun laws

People might not realize it, but the handgun laws here in Maryland underwent something of a major change back in October 2013, such that the conditions under which a person can purchase, transfer or even rent a handgun have changed considerably.

DUI charges in Maryland require skilled, aggressive advocacy

Last month, the vehicle safety advocacy group Mothers Against Drunk Driving released its annual report rating the states on their efforts to reduce the number of drunk driving fatalities and, as always, it was a very interesting read.

Warrantless blood draws--can police do them?

When police investigate suspects for DWI, they utilize a variety of measures to gather every piece of evidence they can. In some cases, this means taking blood samples from a DWI suspect. Blood samples, to be sure, are rather invasive for suspects, and police have to have good grounds to perform them.

Serious penalties for criminal possession of prescription drugs

State and federal agencies have been cracking down on investigating drug crimes for decades. The so-called war on drugs has resulted in millions of arrests, charges and convictions for people accused of possessing, manufacturing or trafficking drugs from marijuana to heroin. 

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