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January 2015 Archives

Remember your rights if you are pulled over this weekend

According to studies, Super Bowl Sunday can be a dangerous time to be on the road. This is because the number of car accidents increase sharply in the hours following the biggest sports event of the year. In fact, one study suggests that accidents rise more than 40 percent during this time.

Hoping to have your domestic violence charges dismissed?

If you have been charged with some form of domestic violence, you are likely frustrated and perhaps even frightened about what a conviction might mean for you, your life and your loved ones. Perhaps the charges against you are false. Or perhaps there is some other factor leading you to hope that your attorney can have your charges dismissed. If so, it is important for you to understand whether a dismissal is likely in your case.

Understanding preliminary alcohol screening for DUI

Popular culture has made ubiquitous references to both field sobriety tests and breath alcohol tests. Most Americans are familiar with the concept that if they are pulled over and a law enforcement officer suspects that they are intoxicated that the officer will request that they perform one or more of these tests. However, it is vitally important that Americans familiarize themselves with the different kinds of tests they may be asked to perform and how these tests may affect a potential case against them.

Do you understand what state law says about writing bad checks? - II

In today's post, we'll continue our previous examination of what the law in Maryland has to say about bad check violations, a type of theft-related crime that can result in some surprisingly serious penalties.

Do you understand what state law says about writing bad checks?

The term theft generally makes people think of shoplifting, burglary or even wire fraud. While these acts can all be classified as types of theft, there are other acts which may not be quite so obvious to the average person, but which can be equally serious in nature.

An Anne Arundel County domestic violence lawyer can help you

When you reach out to our firm, you can get help from a knowledgeable and supportive Anne Arundel County domestic violence lawyer. We understand how difficult it can be to face the threat of violence, and we will take every precaution necessary to protect our clients. If you need a protective order or would like to understand the legal options for your particular situation, contact an Anne Arundel County domestic violence lawyer today. 

How a Howard County child custody lawyer can help with divorce

Maryland residents who are facing a complicated or contentious divorce can benefit from the assistance of a Howard County child custody lawyer. It is especially important to have legal support from a Howard County child custody lawyer when a divorce promises to be contentious, or spouses are unable to agree on child custody or support issues. Securing legal counsel should be the first step of any individual who wishes to fight for child custody. 

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