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December 2014 Archives

Howard County child custody lawyer assists with custody battles

A dispute over child custody can bring out the animosity between even the most amicable of couples, but a Howard County child custody lawyer can help. If you are facing a complex custody situation or simply want to protect your rights during the divorce process, it is imperative to reach for help from a Howard County child custody lawyer as soon as possible. It is always useful to understand how custody is determined in Maryland and how an individual can pursue his or her ideal outcome from a divorce. 

Have you seriously considered how effective a prenup can be?

When a couple makes the decision to get married, things will suddenly get very busy once the initial celebrations with family and friends are over, and the final congratulations from co-workers are offered.

SCOTUS: Traffic stops based on officer mistakes are permissible

Do law enforcement officials violate the Fourth Amendment rights of motorists when they initiate a traffic stop based on a misunderstanding of vehicle traffic laws and uncover evidence of criminal activity during a subsequent search of the car they mistakenly pulled over?

If you are arrested for DUI over the holidays, we can help

It may seem hard to believe, but Christmas is now just over a week away. This means people will be out in droves over the coming days to get in some last minute shopping and, of course, attend festivities with family, friends and co-workers.

Does Maryland need to reconsider its approach to shoplifting?

Every day, people across Maryland find themselves in the unenviable position of facing shoplifting charges. While many might discount the punishment of shoplifting as nothing more than just a slap on the wrist, this is actually far from the reality.

What Maryland law has to say about clearing your criminal record - III

In today's post, we'll conclude our ongoing discussion of expungement, the legal process by which a person can seek to have previous encounters with law enforcement -- arrests, citations, etc. -- removed from their permanent criminal record.

What Maryland law has to say about clearing your criminal record - II

In a previous post, we examined the unfortunate reality that a person who has any sort of encounter with law enforcement -- arrest, citation, etc. -- will more than likely end up with a permanent criminal record, something that can jeopardize everything from employment prospects to living arrangements.

What should older couples keep in mind during a divorce? - II

Last week, our blog discussed how the dynamics of divorce are changing thanks to the advent of so-called "gray divorces." Indeed, a study by researchers at Bowling Green University found that the divorce rate among people age 50 and over doubled between 1990 and 2010.

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