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August 2014 Archives

How can you use Maryland domestic violence laws for protection?

Unfortunately, domestic abuse happens all too frequently in Anne Arundel, Maryland. This is true in spite of the Maryland domestic violence laws in place to prevent it. Often, people are being abused by a spouse or harassed by someone they are not personally involved with. They might not know how to go about receiving legal protections to stop it. A Maryland domestic violence lawyer is able to walk you through the legal paperwork to have a legal basis for the abusive or harassing individual to stay away from you under threat of arrest.

Maryland man sentenced to prison for heroin possession

A Maryland man who was convicted on drug charges was sentenced on Aug. 8 to 12 years in prison with four years of supervised release. According to the report, the man was already in prison after being convicted on charges from another unrelated case when he was sentenced the second time around.

Maryland man detained on suspicion of DWI, drug distribution

Officers of the Frederick Police Department have detained a Maryland man in relation to suspected DWI as well as involvement in drug activities. Officers claim to have discovered the 27-year-old man asleep at the wheel of a running vehicle in a parking lot. They believed that the man was intoxicated and requested that he perform a sobriety test. After the man was unable to satisfy officers through the test, he was detained.

How we can help with DUI and traffic charges

When someone is arrested for a DUI, it begins two processes. The first is an administrative hearing that could result in the loss of a driver's license. The loss of a driver's license could cause difficulties for an individual who commutes to work or has family to drive around.

Maryland domestic violence laws can prevent escalation of abuse

Domestic violence is an issue that arises all too frequently. Maryland domestic violence laws are in place to ensure that the alleged victim has an avenue to seek protection and support. Even with laws in place and the known consequences for domestic violence charges, an Ann Arundel County domestic violence lawyer is still confronted with these kinds of incidents. The prevalence of these charges is such that even people who are in the public eye have to deal with them.

Teenager charged for theft after GPS unit is reported stolen

An 18-year-old man in Maryland was accused of stealing a vehicle GPS unit and pawning it on Aug. 7. The alleged burglary was reported after a woman discovered that the TomTom brand GPS unit in her vehicle was missing while she was on her way to work. According to reports, a damaged ignition in the woman's vehicle also led police to suspect that the burglar had attempted to commit auto theft.

How is divorce different when one spouse is in the military?

When a husband or wife is a member of the U.S. military, the marriage is constantly challenged by long separations, frequent moves and the inherent danger of the job. As in the civilian world, sometimes marriages don't work out, but for those in the military the pressures on the marriage can be different and a divorce more complicated. A Howard County divorce lawyer must understand the applicable rights to members of the armed services and their non-military spouses. Generalized information can't replace the assistance of experienced divorce lawyers.

How is 'theft' defined under Maryland law?

If you face theft charges in Maryland, the penalties can range from very minor to serious, depending on various factors. The courts will consider the value of the property that you allegedly stole, and penalties will increase as property value rises. Misdemeanors and felonies are categorized accordingly. The courts often label thefts as crimes of "moral turpitude," which can affect your ability to obtain employment or result in deportation for someone who is a resident alien.

Man accused of robbing female taxi driver

A man was accused of robbing a Maryland taxi driver in the Pine Cliff Park area of Frederick on Aug. 8. The incident happened in the morning when the man allegedly held a pellet gun to a female taxi driver's throat and demanded cash. After allegedly running away from the scene, the accused man was later apprehended by police as he emerged from a forested area.

How are traffic violations in Maryland prosecuted?

When a person is convicted of a traffic violation in Maryland, points are assessed to his or her driver's license. The number of points that is placed on a license is based on the charge that was levied during the traffic stop, and in cases where a person allegedly committed more than one violation, only the violation that results in the largest number of points will be noted on the individual's driver's license upon conviction.

Maryland man sentenced for involvement in cocaine ring

A Reisterstown resident was sentenced in federal court on July 28 in relation to his alleged involvement in a cocaine dealing operation. The 38-year-old man entered a plea deal regarding counts of possession with intent to distribute and conspiring to distribute 280 grams or more of cocaine base and 5 kilograms or more of cocaine and to violating his supervised release. A Chief U.S. District Judge handed down a sentence of 14 years imprisonment to be followed by five years of supervised release; the judge also ordered the man to forfeit $14,706 in alleged drug proceeds and his SUV.

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