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June 2014 Archives

Father's rights lawyer helps sailor delay custody case

When it comes to Maryland child custody laws, some of the most frequent disputes have to do with the rights of the father. A Howard County child custody lawyer is often left with the task of trying to help a father either gain custody of a child or have increased visitation rights. These disputes are not clear-cut and there are many nuances to how child custody issues are handled.

Anne Arundel County police arrest 18-year-old for theft

On the morning of June 18, police in Anne Arundel County detained an 18-year-old on suspicion of vehicular burglary. According to reports, officers said that they responded to a report near Double Eagle Drive's 300 block at around 4:30 a.m. The officers subsequently received details about a man who was reportedly rummaging through a vehicle with another individual and detained the 18-year-old because he matched the description.

3 detained in connection with Maryland burglary

Officials in Anne Arundel County are holding three individuals on burglary charges in connection with an alleged break-in at a business in Glen Burnie. Officers were called to the scene of reported trespassing around 7:12 p.m. An employee at a bank was said to have observed the entry of three people into a vacant office of a separate building also owned by the bank. A search of the location led to the detainment of those now facing burglary charges.

Drivers must observe new "move over" law

Maryland drivers should be aware that in October 2013, the state passed a "move over" law. The purpose of the law is to protect public officials and police officers who are working on the side of the road. Motorists must change lanes if possible when officials or police are on the roadside. If a lane change is not possible, drivers must slow down. Recently, the state has begun seriously enforcing the law.

An adoption immigration lawyer can help navigate U.S. laws

Maryland adoption laws are a concern for people hoping to bring a child into their home. But there is a whole different set of rules that must be navigated when the adoption is of a child from overseas. Since it is becoming more difficult, a Howard County adoption lawyer can assist a person who is trying to adopt a child from outside the United States.

Maryland dentist faces up to 20 years after plea deal

A man whose dental license was suspended last year has reportedly agreed to a plea bargain with prosecutors involving federal charges related to drug distribution and sex crimes. According to court documents, the man agreed on June 6 to enter a plea of guilty to a charge of unlawfully distributing oxycodone, avoiding a trial that was set to begin the following week.

Child support enforcement catches man behind on payments

When a couple has gone their separate ways but shares a child, it's important that the child is cared for properly. One of the most frequent issues a Howard County child support lawyer sees is a parent who is supposed to be providing support, but is failing to do so. Child support enforcement is treated very seriously and parentS who do not fulfill their obligations will be subject to numerous penalties until they are caught up in their payments. In some cases, these penalties grouped without other violations, which make the problems far worse.

D.C. man charged in Maryland credit card thefts

A D.C. man has been charged for the second time in the past two months for crimes related to credit card fraud and theft, according to electronic court records. The records state that the 22-year-old man was charged with 26 counts of theft and related charges in May after he was accused of breaking into lockers to steal wallets in a Westminster gym.

Student, 18, accused of assaulting crossing guard

A Maryland crossing guard employed at an Anne Arundel County School reported on May 28 that an 18-year-old female student assaulted her in the school's parking lot. According to the report, the crossing guard was attempting to obtain the student's vehicle's license plate after she violated the Maryland motor vehicle law the previous day.

9 people accused of dealing heroin in Maryland

A multi-agency drug investigation that purportedly commenced after police noticed an increase in overdoses resulted in the detention of nine people in Annapolis, authorities reported. Police allege the nine people were involved in a heroin-distribution ring.

Violator of Maryland domestic violence laws dead, wife shot

It's unfortunate that Maryland domestic violence laws are violated so frequently and people are mistreated by others. An Ann Arundel County domestic violence lawyer often deals with people who are in the middle of an abusive situation and are seeking a method to end the violence. The main goal is to stop the abuse and find a save haven for themselves and their children. There are legal protections for people who are facing abuse. If steps are not taken, patterns of abuse tend to grow worse as time passes.

Alleged theft leads to 5-year prison sentence

On May 28, a 47-year-old man was sentenced to five years in prison for running out on a restaurant bill in Maryland. This was not the man's first conviction. Police report that he had been arrested multiple times for eating at local restaurants and then pretending to have a seizure instead of paying the bill.

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