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May 2014 Archives

Long investigation yields 5 arrests for drug charges for 'spice'

As part of an investigation spanning almost two years, three gas stations in Frederick County have recently been searched and arrests were made. The Maryland authorities believe that the owners and managers of the gas stations, a 53-year-old and a 46-year-old, were involved in the distribution of an illegal synthetic marijuana known as "spice." Both men, along with three others, face drug charges stemming from the accusations.

Divorce laws in Maryland lead to case remaining unsealed

Divorce laws in Maryland apply to everyone regardless of what they do for a living. Whether it's a celebrity, politician or regular, everyday working person, all must follow the law when they are going through a divorce. A Howard County divorce lawyer sees many different situations when handling a divorce proceeding. They may have to do with financial issues, personal issues or the simple desire on the part of one side or the other to have the case sealed so the public won't be aware of its details.

24 face drug charges for alleged involvement in cocaine operation

After a three county investigation, 24 people were arrested under suspicion of drug crimes. The individuals are accused of being involved in a complex cocaine distribution operation throughout Maryland. All 24 face varying drug charges, but the police have identified three specific individuals whom they believe were ring leaders in the alleged operation.

2 men accused of theft from Maryland car dealership

Two men from Bel Air have recently been arrested under suspicion of stealing from a car dealership. Both Maryland suspects are accused of stealing various items rims, a tool chest and tires from the dealership. One individual faces addition firearm and drug charges. Both men face serious charges for their alleged theft crimes.

Man violates Maryland domestic violence laws in assault on woman

Maryland domestic violence laws are in place to protect a person who is being abused. Because there is so much potential for damage from domestic violence, it is in everyone's best interest to try and put a stop to it before it escalates. An Ann Arundel County domestic violence lawyer encounters many kinds of cases linked to domestic incidents. Whether the incident is a first time occurrence or is a pattern of behavior, it is imperative that the abused person takes steps to stop the abuse.

Criminal charges brought against man accused of stabbing friend

A man has recently been arrested in Glen Burnie and charged with murder after a homicide at a medical facility. The victim was apparently stabbed 30 times inside the Anne Arundel, and the authorities have arrested her friend, who was supposedly there to help her clean that day. The 25-year-old faces serious criminal charges for his alleged connection with the crime.

8 criminal charges dropped for combative, inebriated woman

When a person becomes inebriated, that person can act irrationally and out of character. One woman was arrested for various criminal charges after reportedly becoming combative with Maryland police officers who were attempting to arrest her. She has accepted a plea bargain and pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct and resisting arrest in exchange for the other charges to be dropped.

Man accused of assault against elderly woman

A case of assault against an elderly individual typically makes significant media headlines. Even though it can be emotional, it is important to remember that the person accused is only facing charges and has not been convicted. In a recent case in Maryland, a man has been accused of sexual assault against a 98-year-old woman. While the charges are very disturbing, it remains unclear why the authorities suspect this man of committing the crime.

Divorce lawyers' request to unseal case granted

Divorce laws in Maryland must be understood when choosing to end a marriage. A Howard County divorce lawyer sees many different kinds of divorces and knows how to handle them from beginning to end. Whether it's a prominent couple who have a great deal of wealth to sift through, a working husband and wife who decide to end their marriage amicably or a couple with children and an extended disagreement as to the future living arrangements, all can be assisted by experienced divorce lawyers.

3 arrested for theft of residence, 1 more sought

After a recent burglary in Glen Burnie, three people were arrested and one is still being sought in connection with the crime. The Anne Arundel police suspect that all four took part in the burglary of a residence last week. The three who were arrested were charged with burglary in connection with the theft, as well as an additional drug charge.

Father and son face serious drug charges in Anne Arundel

Two individuals -- a father and a son -- were recently arrested. Anne Arundel County authorities are calling the arrest a "large-scale" drug bust in which thousands of dollars worth of cash, guns and drugs were seized. The two men face numerous serious drug charges stemming from these allegations.

Maryland domestic violence laws can help a victim be protected

Maryland domestic violence laws are in place to protect the victim from being subjected to further abuse and harassment. When domestic incidents occur, the victim needs to understand that there are options available to try and prevent the abuse from continuing or happening again. An Ann Arundel domestic violence lawyer sees many different kinds of cases involving domestic violence and is aware of the process in assisting a client to put a stop to it and protect themselves and their children.

Man arrested in Maryland for alleged auto theft

Following a carjacking incident in Hanover, a man was recently arrested. The Maryland police suspect that the man stole a woman's car keys, pushed her into the vehicle and drove away in her vehicle once she got out of the car. The man faces charges of auto theft as well as other crimes.

Key to successful adoption is knowing Maryland adoption laws

A Howard County family law attorney sees many different forms of adoption and reasons for it. Whether it's a parent who has chosen to place their child up for adoption or a family who would like to bring a new child into their home, the Maryland adoption laws must be fully understood before moving forward. A Howard County adoption lawyer is well versed with the legalities of an adoption and can assist with easing the process so all parties are satisfied.

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