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April 2014 Archives

Vehicle search leads to drug charges for passenger

Police officers conduct routine traffic stops pretty often, but sometimes, these stops can lead to a search of the person's vehicle. If a search was conducted and a person was arrested, that person will likely want to make sure that all proper search procedures were followed. A woman was recently arrested on drug charges in Maryland after the vehicle she was riding in was pulled over for a traffic stop and subsequently searched.

Maryland woman accused of fatal DUI, details unclear

Following a fatal hit-and-run accident, a woman has been arrested and is now facing criminal charges. Not only is she accused of hit-and-run, but the investigators also suspect that the woman was DUI at the time of the accident. However, the details of the investigation and eventual arrest of the Maryland woman are unclear.

Maryland domestic violence laws designed to protect the abused

Maryland domestic violence laws are in place to protect people who have been subjected to abuse. An Ann Arundel County domestic violence lawyer often encounters people who have been abused at home by a spouse or person with whom he or she is in a relationship. There are also instances in which a person is harassed by a neighbor or an acquaintance. There are many different forms of abuse and if they are allowed to go on unabated, there is the likelihood that the issue will escalate and grow worse. Even well-known people are sometimes involved in domestic incidents.

Parking garage robbery leads to theft charges for Maryland man

A man accused of committing an armed robbery at the Maryland Live! casino has recently been arrested. The man is accused of robbing a victim at gunpoint in the casino's parking garage. The Maryland man is charged with two counts of theft, two counts of armed robbery and first-degree assault.

Child support enforcement arrests man who owes over $100,000

Maryland child support laws require that the child's needs be met. If the person ordered to pay child support fails to do so, child support enforcement will pursue that person and possibly incarcerate him or her until the payments are up to date. A Howard County child support lawyer often sees circumstances in which payments are not being made as they are legally mandated.

Man faces several criminal charges for alleged triple shooting

After a shooting incident in which one person was killed, a man has been arrested. The 19-year-old Maryland resident is accused of shooting three people inside a home. A warrant was obtained for the man's arrest, and he was recently taken into police custody on several criminal charges.

3 suspected in motel armed robbery, assault and theft; 1 arrested

One out of three individuals suspected of committing an armed robbery in Frederick was recently arrested regarding various charges. The men are accused of assaulting a victim at a Motel 6 and stealing some of his personal belongings. The Maryland police have arrest warrants out on the other two suspects for their part in the alleged theft.

Man accused of several robberies takes plea deal in theft case

A man accused of robbing several businesses and employees from Jan. 21 to Feb. 17, 2013, recently accepted a plea deal in his case. He is said to have stolen over $15,000 worth of merchandise and cash. The 53-year-old Maryland man pleaded guilty to five counts of robbery in his theft case.

People may need assistance with overseas adoptions

People in Howard County who are considering adopting a child need to be aware of the legal issues that accompany such a decision. This is especially true when the adoption is of a child from a country outside the United States. A Howard County adoption lawyer sees all different kinds of adoption scenarios and knows the details of Maryland adoption laws to help people complete their goal of adoption.

Criminal charges follow alleged broomstick assault in Maryland

When Maryland residents are charged with assault, they may realize the importance of knowing their rights and defending their interests. An assault conviction may lead to severe penalties, including incarceration and fines. Furthermore, the individual will have a criminal record that can cause difficulties in future job applications and other aspects of life.

2 Maryland residents sentenced after criminal charge for robbery

Two residents of Maryland who were found guilty of a 2012 armed robbery were recently sentenced and are now facing long prison sentences. Armed robbery is a serious criminal charge, and if a person is convicted, significant penalties can be imposed. When a person uses force or threat of force with the intention to take property from another party, it is classified as robbery; and by threatening someone with a deadly weapon, the felony becomes armed robbery.

Child support enforcement arrests man who owes over $550,000

Child support enforcement is taken very seriously in Howard County. If the support is not provided as legally required, there is the possibility that there will be an arrest. Often, a Howard County child support lawyer handles cases in which a person who is supposed to be providing support fails to do so. Maryland child support laws require that children are supported according to the agreement. When they are not, legal action will be taken.

Car accident results in an arrest for drug possession

An accident took place on Route 228, when a man slammed into the rear end of another vehicle. The man who allegedly caused the crash was arrested at the scene for drug possession. According to the accident report, Maryland police suspected that he was under the influence of illegal drugs when the officer struggled to keep the man's attention while attempting to retrieve his license and registration.

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