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March 2014 Archives

14 years later, a man begins his criminal defense for murder

On April 20, 2000, a young woman was found dead in the townhouse that she lived in with her boyfriend. The Maryland authorities arrested the man who they believed to be responsible for killing her in 2012, but they suspected that her boyfriend was somehow involved in the crime. Now, 14 years after her death, her boyfriend will begin his formal criminal defense against the accusations of murder.

Man arrested for drug possession after search during traffic stop

A man was arrested on drug charges after being pulled over for a traffic stop for what the officer thought were illegally tinted windows. The 43-year-old Maryland man has been accused of drug possession of both heroin and cocaine. He faces four criminal charges for his alleged crimes.

Billionaire and wife involved in high net worth divorce

Maryland divorce lawyers know that any divorce has the potential for being difficult. One of the more contentious types of divorces a Howard County divorce lawyer encounters involves people engaged in a high net worth divorce. When there is a lot of money and assets involved, there is a significant chance that each side will try harder to keep or receive as much as they can.

16-year-old arrested for armed robbery, theft in Maryland

A teenager was recently arrested in Sykesville after an Exxon gas station was reportedly robbed. The Maryland police officers suspect that the 16-year-old threatened the clerk with a weapon and stole some merchandise. He is expected to be tried as an adult for his alleged theft.

10 alleged Maryland gang members various criminal charges

Ten alleged gang members were recently arrested in what the police are calling a "violent racketeering" scheme. Maryland police say that this scheme has resulted in several murders and other violent crimes. The 10 all face varying criminal charges for their alleged involvement in the suspected crimes.

Divorce lawyers try to settle 12-year-old case

When a couple chooses to end their marriage, a Maryland divorce lawyer will be familiar with all the circumstances that surround any type of divorce. When a Howard County divorce lawyer is handling a high net worth divorce, there will be numerous aspects that have to be settled so both sides can move on feeling satisfied that they have been treated fairly. A person involved in a divorce is frequently concerned with receiving or holding onto the maximum amount from the marriage according to divorce laws in Maryland.

Plea deal offered in attempted theft of container ship case

A man from Westminster was recently sentenced in his criminal case. The 20-year-old Maryland man was accused of trying to sell a ship to a broker that the man did not own. He pleaded guilty to attempted theft, and in exchange, he was sentenced to five years of probation.

14 arrested in a neighborhood on drug trafficking charges

After the authorities executed numerous search and seizure warrants in a Baltimore neighborhood, 14 people were arrested. The Maryland authorities suspect these people of being a part of two separate drug trafficking organizations. This neighborhood has allegedly been targeted for illegal activities for several years.

Strengthening economy paves way for higher divorce rate

While some marriages are unfortunately not meant to be, the struggling economy of the United States can put a strain on Maryland residents looking to move on from a failing union. However, a small uptick in the economic outlook is signaling an increase in divorce, setting the scene for a strange relationship between a positive and what is usually considered negative.

Couple face theft charges for fake poker chips at Maryland casino

Two people have been arrested under accusations of using fake poker chips. The two are accused of buying counterfeit chips made to look like Maryland Live! Casino $100 chips and attempting to use them in the facility. The woman and her husband face theft charges relating to their accusations.

Man accused of theft after armed robbery in Maryland home

A second suspect in an alleged Kent County home invasion has recently been arrested on 29 different criminal charges. The man as well as another suspect are accused of breaking into a Maryland home with nine occupants and committing an armed robbery. He must now begin to form his criminal defense against these numerous theft and other charges.

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