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February 2014 Archives

Maryland high school teacher accepts plea bargain in assault case

A high school teacher, wrestling coach and former member of the military recently accepted a plea deal in a violent crime case. The man faced accusations that he punched a student at a local Maryland university. He ultimately pleaded guilty to misdemeanor assault in exchange for a 30-day jail sentence.

Maryland domestic violence laws apply even to star athletes

A Maryland domestic violence lawyer encounters a variety of cases involving a wide range of people. In some instances, they are normal working people. In others, they may be prominent and well-known members of society. Regardless of who is involved in an incident involving allegations of domestic violence, an Ann Arundel County domestic violence lawyer knows that Maryland domestic violence laws apply to everyone.

Maryland woman accused of armed robbery, theft of under $100

After an incident at a Walmart in Aberdeen, a woman was arrested and charged with several crimes. The Maryland woman is accused of armed robbery because she allegedly brandished a handgun as she attempted to shoplift less than $100. She faces multiple charges of varying degrees for her purported theft crimes.

Maryland divorce lawyers help state senator and wife divorce

It is inevitable that some marriages end with divorce. Divorce laws in Maryland are in place to assist people who have chosen to end their marriage to do so in as efficient and organized a manner as possible. With the help of a family law attorney such as a Howard County divorce lawyer, a divorce can be completed regardless of the circumstances and the the professional position of the people seeking to end the marriage.

Separate investigation yields arrest of 2 men for drug possession

While responding to a call concerning a completely different incident, a Calvert County Deputy arrested two men under suspicion of drug crimes. The Maryland deputy allegedly searched the two and found multiple drugs and drug paraphernalia. She arrested both men, and they were each charged with drug possession, among other charges.

Maryland physician takes plea deal in fraud, drug charge case

A 76-year-old physician recently entered a plea in his criminal case. The physician, who has multiple offices in Maryland, is accused of prescribing pills without first giving patients an exam as well as filing fraudulent insurance claims. He pleaded guilty to healthcare fraud as well as the drug charge of distributing prescription medication.

Son faces criminal charges for allegedly murdering his mother

After a woman was found dead in Harford County, the police decided to arrest her son. When the Maryland police arrived at the residence and determined that the woman had been murdered, the son was not home. Reportedly, law enforcement officers tracked him down. He faces serious criminal charges for his alleged violent crimes against his mother.

Man arrested for violating Maryland domestic violence laws

Maryland domestic violence laws are in place to protect the victim from continued abuse from an allegedly abusive spouse. There are times, however, when an Ann Arundel County domestic violence lawyer sees the victim subject to the continued abuse of the spouse, even if there has been a protective order filed to keep the abuser away with the threat of incarceration.

3 convenience stores robbed in an hour: 2 arrested for theft

In Baltimore County, three 7-11 convenience stores were robbed within a time span of about an hour. The two suspects involved reportedly used a machete and a handgun to intimidate the clerks and customers so that they could rob the stores. The Maryland police have arrested two men whom they believe were involved in the alleged theft incidents.

4 young adults face criminal charges after shooting incident

Four people have been arrested in Laurel after a fatal shooting incident. The four young adults -- varying in age between 18 and 22 -- are accused of being involved in the murder, which occurred when the 24-year-old victim was shot multiple times while driving his car. The four were apprehended by Maryland police officers under various criminal charges.

Woman violates Maryland child custody laws by disappearing

In Howard County, Maryland child custody laws must be adhered to by both parties. When there is an issue regarding custody, visitation and any other aspect of the agreement, a Howard County child custody lawyer will try to settle the matter to the satisfaction of both parents or to ensure that the agreement is followed.

Maryland man accused of theft spree as well as drug charges

A 31-year-old man has been arrested after a series of crimes that reportedly occurred in Cecil County. The investigating Maryland officers suspect that the man is responsible for at least one burglary out of a string of over a dozen that have taken place within a period of about three months. The man is accused of theft and other charges.

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