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December 2013 Archives

Man faces DUI charges after single car crash in Maryland

A man has recently been arrested resulting from a car accident on Route 213, just north of Route 301 in Centreville. Maryland police suspected that the man was driving under the influence, which was a factor in the single car crash. The man is now facing DUI charges stemming from the incident.

Man accused of violating Maryland domestic violence laws

A Maryland domestic violence lawyer will see a great many cases involving spousal abuse and other issues surrounding violence in the home. Because of the serious and escalating nature of spousal abuse, an Ann Arundel County domestic violence lawyer is well-versed in Maryland domestic violence laws and how they are implemented to try and prevent the situation from getting out of control.

Maryland man faces criminal charges in alleged armed robbery

Maryland police have arrested a man whom they believe to be connected with a serious crime that occurred earlier this month. Maryland police have accused this man of committing an armed robbery and home invasion. He faces very serious criminal charges resulting from these allegations, and police are still searching for a possible second suspect.

Woman sentenced to 3 years in Maryland arson criminal defense

A woman has recently been sentenced in her arson case after accepting a plea bargain. The woman was arrested for her participation in a Maryland arson spree that occurred earlier this year. She was originally sentenced to 30 years in prison, but, thanks to the negotiations in her criminal defense, the judge suspended 27 of those years.

21 life sentences commuted for nonviolent offenders

The Office of the President carries with it a great amount of power. One of the powers that the individual elected into this position has is the power to grant clemency, to commute the sentences of individuals that have been convicted of a criminal offense. It is not a command that is given often. In fact, since President Barack Obama took office, he has only used his authority in 40 cases.

Maryland man faces assault charge in connection with knife threat

An after-midnight complaint from two young Philadelphia men triggered a search for an alleged knife-wielding assailant who was later apprehended and charged with assault. At about 2:25 a.m. on the last Saturday in June, an Ocean City, Maryland police officer on patrol was approached by the two men and told they had been assaulted by a group of men in the city's downtown area and threatened with a knife. Police were able to compile an effective description of the alleged assailants and the vehicle that they drove away in when they fled the scene of the purported assault.

Father's rights lawyer assists man in custody fight for daughter

In Maryland, a father's rights lawyer helps fathers in altering their custody agreement for more visitation, in gaining custody of a child and many other legal issues. A Howard County child custody lawyer is well-versed in Maryland child custody laws and assisting fathers with their goals.

Man faces manslaughter, theft and traffic violations after crash

A Maryland man suspected of being involved in a fatal car accident in which two people lost their lives has been arrested. Maryland police believe that the man was speeding when he hit a van carrying six passengers. He has been charged with vehicular manslaughter as well as other traffic violations.

4 arrested under suspected apartment theft and burglary

Four people were recently arrested after a multitude of burglaries throughout the Germantown and Gaithersburg areas. Maryland police suspect that the four worked together and burglarized numerous apartment complexes during the daytime over a span of two months. Each person has been arrested and now faces charges of theft and burglary.

A father's rights lawyer helps skier agree on child custody

A child custody lawyer in Maryland is familiar with many kinds of cases involving parents in disputes over their children. With the assistance of a Howard County child custody lawyer, people can resolve a disagreement in many different ways regardless of whether the case is contentious or agreeable.

Man accused of theft charges in convenience store burglaries

A man has been arrested under suspicion of burglary after a traffic stop in Hollywood. Maryland police suspect that the man broke into and burglarized a Burchmart convenience store due to supposed evidence that was seen inside the vehicle, and the man is also suspected of attempting to break into another convenience store. The man faces multiple theft charges stemming from these incidents.

Man accused of speeding up to 115 mph, causing fatal car crash

A Maryland man suspected of causing a fatal car accident while allegedly driving under the influence of drugs has recently been offered a plea deal in his criminal defense. Maryland police suspect that the man was speeding at speeds up to 115 mph before causing the fatal accident. He faces up to 21 years in prison if convicted on all of his charges.

2 Maryland men face criminal charges for suspected robbery

Two men were recently arrested resulting from an incident that happened in the parking lot of a Ruby Tuesday in St. Mary's county Maryland. Police suspect that the two men worked together to commit an armed robbery on the manager of the restaurant. Both Maryland men face serious criminal charges including robbery and assault.

Maryland domestic violence laws in place to protect victims

Maryland domestic violence laws are in place to try and protect victims from a dangerous situation with a spouse, acquaintance or stranger. Contacting an Ann Arundel domestic violence lawyer is a step that victims of domestic abuse might want to take to find out how they can protect themselves from repeated incidents that could escalate.

Maryland man faces criminal charge of first-degree murder

A man who police believe shot and fatally wounded another man has recently been arrested. Maryland police suspect that the man shot the victim, and then he tried to flee the scene but was apprehended. He now faces the serious criminal charge of first-degree murder stemming from the incident.

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