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October 2013 Archives

A grandparent's rights attorney handles case with mother jailed

Maryland child custody laws can be complicated especially when it comes to the rights of grandparents. A Howard County child custody lawyer frequently sees disputes in which the grandparents are trying to receive visitation rights to see their grandchildren or are petitioning for outright custody for one reason or another. In some instances, the parents do not recognize the grandparent's rights to see the children and legal wrangling about the issue ensues with a child custody lawyer in Maryland trying to help.

Father's rights lawyer helps actor win custody of daughter

Although it can be difficult for a father to gain custody of a child in a divorce or custody proceeding, a child custody lawyer in Maryland can assist in this endeavor. A Howard County child custody lawyer knows the terrain of a courtroom and how to use Maryland child custody laws to the father's advantage when the child would likely be better-served to live with him.

Maryland basketball coach faces DUI charge

Maryland residents that are facing or have faced a DUI charge may be aware of the possible consequences that could result. While several stories involving this type of charge make headlines, one recent story involving a basketball coach is making headlines nationwide. The assistant coach is facing a DUI charge following a weekend incident.

Protecting assets in a high net worth divorce in Maryland

When dealing with a high net worth divorce in Howard County, there are numerous steps to take when trying to protect one's assets. A Howard County divorce lawyer has experience with a high net worth divorce and the divorce laws in Maryland relating to the legal case.

Maryland school bus driver possibly facing theft charges

Financial difficulties can often seem like an insurmountable burden to those who have been affected for long periods of time. Because such a burden can cause significant amounts of stress, some people may begin to feel desperate and commit acts that they would not normally carry out. To some facing considerable difficulties, theft may seem like the only option as they continually find themselves unable to alleviate their financial problems.

Maryland driver may have criminal charges in fatal crash

A Maryland woman, whom a witness says appeared to be using her phone to text while attempting to cross a busy highway, hit and killed a motorcyclist. Now, the driver may be facing criminal charges resulting from this accident. The charges are a new component of the laws regarding cell phone use in the state that seek to prevent possibly negligent behavior while operating a motor vehicle.

Maryland police arrest 4 on cocaine distribution drug charges

Four different individuals were recently arrested on drug charges by a local drug task force. Allegedly, more than 1.4 kilograms of cocaine was discovered by the task force and one man that was arrested has been accused of being a drug kingpin in the drug charges. The Maryland arrests happened after police executed numerous search warrants on the morning of Tuesday, Oct. 9.

Man arrested for violating Maryland domestic violence laws

Domestic violence doesn't discriminate based on age or marital status and the Maryland domestic violence laws can be violated by anyone. An Anne Arundel County domestic violence lawyer sees many types of cases involving people who run the gamut of age, employment and position in society.

2 men face criminal charges of assault and attempted robbery

Sometimes the events surrounding an arrest have to be carefully reviewed to determine what was really taking place. That seems to be something to keep in mind in connection with a Maryland arrest that occurred in Silver Spring in the early morning hours recently. Police report that three men were walking on Piney Branch Road in Silver Spring. They say that an officer witnessed two of the men start assaulting and robbing the other man. The officer approached and eventually subdued and arrested the two men on criminal charges of attempted robbery, conspiracy to commit robbery, second degree assault, and conspiracy to commit second degree assault.

Maryland man admits to 2 criminal charges of robbery in plea deal

When the average American citizen thinks of violent crimes, he or she may not think robbery would fit into this category. However, robbery, particularly armed robbery, is conducted by threatening the well being of the victim. Even if the robber does not use a real weapon, if the victim believes the weapon to be real at the time of the crime, it is still called robbery even if the robber did not really intend to harm the victim. A Maryland man has been arrested and is facing two criminal charges of robbery for using a toy gun to rob area motels.

Change to Maryland domestic violence laws proposed to aid victims

Domestic violence is a common issue that a Maryland domestic violence lawyer will encounter. An Anne Arundel County domestic violence lawyer often sees these cases before they grow too severe to be able to help. Sometimes, even when trying to use the Maryland domestic violence laws to put a stop to the abuse, the situation ends in tragedy.

Maryland woman admits first-degree assault charges in plea deal

As human beings, we are all prone to getting emotional, and sometimes, those emotions get the better of us. Certain situations that can make one angry such as being antagonized, being treated poorly or going through a break up can make one angry and emotional and cloud our logical judgment. Recently, a Maryland woman going through a break up got very angry and emotional when she saw her ex, and now she has admitted to assault charges after her alleged actions towards him.

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