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September 2013 Archives

Maryland officer charged with racketeering, drug trafficking ring

In American society, the average citizen holds this country's men and women serving as law enforcement officers to a higher moral standard than themselves. However, these men and women are human, and they are capable of making mistakes and poor decisions just like the rest of the population. One such corrections officer has been arrested for allegedly making very poor decisions. Under the terms of her plea deal, a Maryland corrections officer has plead guilty to racketeering in relation to an alleged drug trafficking ring that took place at the jail where she worked.

Maryland waste vegetable oil company owner charged with theft

In the past few decades, America has taken a turn towards recycling and conservation. Different companies dedicated to recycling and reusing certain materials have surfaced, and many of them have also profited financially while also helping the environment. However, one such Maryland company that dealt with the recycling of waste vegetable oil has recently come under police scrutiny as its owner has been charged with theft.

Maryland domestic violence laws try to further assist victims

Domestic violence is a problem that affects every community and this type of criminal act is a violation of Maryland domestic violence laws. One of the most frequent issues an Anne Arundel County domestic violence lawyer encounters has to do with abuse of one form or another.

Maryland man arrested for alleged drug trafficking

When a person is accused of drug trafficking, it can be a fearful experience. However severe a drug charge may be, the accused does still have legal rights and may benefit from educated guidance as they travel through the court process. In the past week, a native Maryland man arrested for alleged drug trafficking in the United States could be reviewing his legal options and rights.

Maryland child custody laws being studied by legal leaders

Maryland child custody laws can be difficult to navigate. One of the most frequently contentious issues in a divorce and its aftermath is the determination of what happens to the children. A Howard County child custody lawyer will face the gamut of issues linked to who will have the children in residence and how visitation will be structured.

Maryland man alleged to have resisted police faces drug charges

What exactly is suspicious activity? In many cases, Maryland police will respond to a report of suspicious activity, which will lead them to focusing their investigation on individuals who are alleged to have been performing the activity. However, the mere fact that suspicious activity is reported, may not be enough for police to apprehend an individual. As a result, when a defendant faces drug charges due to such a report, it may be critical for them to look at the evidence police are relying on when they make an arrest.

Maryland police arrest man on drug charge after brief chase

What makes a defendant attempt to flee from police? Although there are many potential answers to this question, not all of them may be indicative of an individual's guilt. In order to make this determination, a close examination of the facts may be necessary, especially in cases where a drug charge has been brought as a result of the Maryland police encounter.

Know the risks of social media and divorce laws in Maryland

The growth in popularity of social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter is having an influence on Maryland couples going through divorce. This phenomenon is something that a Howard County divorce lawyer is seeing more and more frequently. While these websites can be a useful way to gain advice or simply talk about one's problems, they can also be a place where one or both spouses will say something they should not, which can come back to haunt them during a divorce proceeding.

Maryland police arrest man after alleged knife assault

In many altercations, there are only two people who truly know what happened. However, when one dies as a result of injuries sustained in an assault, it can be difficult for Maryland investigators to determine who actually escalated the altercation to a point where lethal violence ensued. In a recent arrest, police have claimed that a man stabbed his own father to death outside of their home, which has led them to suspect that the man is guilty of murder.

Maryland police issue criminal charges in shooting

A report of a shooting will get any police officer's attention. When a report of shots fired is dispatched, police will often respond in large numbers to canvas the area and to gather evidence. In many of these cases, beyond the victims of the shooting being transported to the hospital, the officers' main focus will be on quickly apprehending the alleged suspect so they can issue criminal charges against them in a Maryland court.

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