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July 2013 Archives

Maryland man charged with assault and robbery in casino thefts

Police believe they have arrested the man who allegedly held up two women at knifepoint in a Maryland casino. Neither woman was harmed in the hold-ups, but an undisclosed amount of cash was allegedly taken in the second incident. The arrested man, a 32-year-old resident of Bowie, faces second-degree assault, armed robbery, and related charges.

Man arrested in Maryland for parking lot assault with a machete

Maryland local police officers arrived at the Denny's parking lot at about 4:30 a.m. on a Saturday morning in response to a report of a weapons violation. They found two alleged victims who told them that they were walking through the fast-food restaurant's parking lot when they were purportedly involved in a two-fold attack by a man who was now sitting at a table inside. As the story unfolded, the officers were told that the assault first came in the form of a fast-moving motor vehicle and then by a threateningly-held machete.

Domestic violence can affect Maryland men as well as women

While Marylanders are probably aware of the many domestic violence programs and services that are available to women, some complain that men who are victims of domestic violence often get overlooked. The recent arrest and release of actress Emma Roberts on allegations that she abused her boyfriend is the latest incident in what some might call a string of celebrity domestic violence cases over the years in which the man was the victim.

Maryland trio charged with theft, burglary, and conspiracy

Local Maryland police used K-9's to lead them to three individuals who allegedly broke into a liquor store at 4 a.m. on the first Sunday of July. The three suspects were tracked by the dogs to a 7-Eleven where they were arrested. The trio now faces a variety of charges including theft, burglary, and conspiracy.

Be on guard for child support enforcement scams in Maryland

Many Maryland parents who struggle to meet the financial needs of their children may be desperate to get some assistance with enforcing their child support orders. When a parent does not receive the help they are expecting from a non-custodial parent, it can create a serious financial crisis for a single parent and some of the desperation is very understandable.

Maryland man's criminal charges include first-degree murder

What police are calling a domestic violence and murder investigation revolves around the alleged actions of a 63-year-old Maryland man who purportedly shot his wife. The man, who was later arrested, faces a range of criminal charges including first-degree murder. The investigation began with a phone call to the Baltimore police at 3:45 a.m. on a Saturday morning, reporting that a woman had been shot.

Maryland teen faces criminal charges in friend's death

A 17-year-old has been charged by a grand jury with second-degree murder and will be tried as an adult. The Maryland teen's criminal charges stem from the June 10 asphyxiation death of an 18-year-old friend. The death was ruled a homicide by the coroner's office and the teenager allegedly caused the death by choking the deceased.

Maryland woman faces criminal charges after shooting spree death

A dispute between neighbors developed into a shooting spree in which a 21-year-old woman was killed. Three other women were injured by gunshot wounds. A 29-year-old Maryland woman from Baltimore was arrested and is facing serious criminal charges for her alleged role in the shooting incident.

Criminal charges filed against shooter in Maryland pool fight

An argument that began between two men at a Maryland motel swimming pool and a group of men walking by ended in gunfire. According to the police investigation, the argument began around 2:10 a.m. on Saturday June 29 and escalated when the two men in the pool confronted the group and began fighting with them. The police claim that, during the fighting, one of the two men from the pool pulled out a gun and shot two of the men in the group. The alleged shooter now faces criminal charges.

How to handle a divorce when an ex-spouse is difficult

While Marylanders who have been through the experience know that divorce can be a painful emotional process, most people ending their marriage have enough of a practical side to know that at a certain point, it is easier to compromise than to insist on one's way even despite one's emotional hurts.

Maryland man accused of theft, burglary in home invasion

A reported home burglary in May has resulted in criminal charges for a Maryland man. Authorities say that the 32-year-old broke into a home in Crumpton and stole a number of personal items. He has been placed under arrest on theft and burglary allegations, though no information on upcoming court dates was initially reported.

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