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June 2013 Archives

Mother flees the scene of reckless driving crash because of fear?

Unfortunately, criminal charges are a common occurrence all over the United States. When criminal charges accompany a car accident, the emotional reaction to the incident can be intense. However, when those criminal charges result from reckless driving that involves children who were injured as a result of a driver's negligence, legal repercussions can ensue. Some Maryland residents may relate to a recent, somewhat odd, car accident involving all of the above.

7-Eleven shooting results in criminal charges in Maryland

The "violent" in violent crimes is there for very specific reasons. Recently, police officers in Maryland heard gunshots coming from the parking lot of a local 7-Eleven and ran to render aid. There, they found a man who had just been shot. Police witnessed the shooter firing at two other men. Now, the presumed shooter will face criminal charges.

Maryland man facing serious criminal charges in girl's death

Maryland readers are likely aware of the tragic and horrific death of a 10-year-old girl. News of the child's rape and murder spread quickly within the Cecil County area, and the thoughts and prayers of the community go out to those who were close to this little girl. Police have arrested a suspect in the case, who now faces a range of serious criminal charges, including rape and murder.

Drug charges taken seriously in Maryland and elsewhere

Criminal charges of any kind can be frightening. Depending upon the seriousness of the alleged crime, the consequences of an arrest can be devastating. Furthermore, a conviction on criminal charges can have long reaching effects. This is true for a wide variety of cases - including drug charges

Rupert Murdoch seems headed for a non-contentious divorce

Marylanders may have heard that the divorce of media mogul Rupert Murdoch appears at this stage to be designed for a peaceful, quiet settlement outside of court. Murdoch's petition for divorce, which he filed in another state, did not contain any allegations of wrongdoing on the part of his now estranged wife of 14 years. Moreover, Murdoch has hired a lawyer who has a reputation for resolving marital splits outside of both the courtroom and the public eye.

Md. women join in call for dads to have equal parenting time

Notable women from across the political spectrum have joined several dads in their call for more equal parenting time following a divorce by forming a new coalition called Leading Women for Shared Parenting. Although more and more experts are suggesting that a split child custody arrangement is best, many family law courts still award primary custody to the children's mother most of the time.

2 Maryland fans charged with assault at baseball game

Baseball games are fun and exciting to attend. Fans get sucked into the game and can really get emotionally involved in how well one's team is playing. Sometimes, though, when emotions are already high because of the action of the game, different personalities can clash, which may sometimes cause a fight. Due to an incident at a recent Maryland home field game, two Baltimore Orioles fans are charged with assault after one allegedly hit another man.

Maryland police arrest 15 on drug charges

An investigation into alleged drug trafficking can take a substantial amount of time for police to put together. Often using confidential informants and undercover officers, Maryland law enforcement will work to build a case that they can present to prosecutors in the hope that they will issue drug charges against specified individuals. In a recent arrest, police have rounded up 15 people and charged them with various drug offenses after they were alleged to have been involved in a marijuana distribution ring.

Tip to Maryland police leads to arrest of man on DWI charge

There are a large number of cases where police witness a vehicle and then, based on their observations, elect to pull the vehicle over on suspicion of the driver operating under the influence. However, this is not the only way an officer can make a motor vehicle stop. In some cases, a tip from another motorist can initiate an investigation by Maryland police. If the tip is definitive enough and police are able to match the tip with a vehicle on the road, they may conduct a motor vehicle stop in order for them to begin an investigation that could result in a DWI charge.

Baltimore churches seek to bring domestic violence to light

Every day, men and women across Maryland live in fear of domestic violence. Though the number of reported domestic violence cases in Maryland has decreased, many believe this number is misleading and that several cases simply go unreported. For this reason, local judges and churches in Baltimore are seeking to bring domestic violence issues to light by talking to community members, congregations and synagogues about the issue. According to one district judge, many people feel more comfortable talking to a religious figure about their abuse than they do talking to law enforcement.

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